Locos Por Juana

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Locos por Juana
Background information
Origin Miami, FL


Latin Alternative, Fusion, World
Labels La Juana Productions / Rock the Moon Productions
Associated acts Afro Kumbe
Website www.locosporjuana.com
Members Vocalist - Itawe Correa
Guitarist - Mark Kondrat
Drummer - Javier "Lakambra" Delgado
Bassist - David Pransky

Locos por Juana is a Grammy and Latin Grammy nominated bilingual Latin band most notably recognized by their energetic live performances and their unique fusion of Latin styles and influences. The band formed in Miami, Florida in the year 2000, though their lineup has undergone personal changes and their style evolved over the years. The present lineup consists of vocalist Itawe Correa, guitarist Mark Kondrat, drummer Javier Delgado, bassist David Pransky as well as a horn section.

Locos por Juana released their first two albums with independent label Musical Productions (MP) Records.[1] Their self-titled debut album Locos por Juana [2] was released in 2003. That same year they were nominated in Premio Lo Nuestro for Best Urban Artist. Their second album, Música P’al Pueblo (Music for the Town),[3] was nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2005 for Best Rock or Alternative Album. In 2007, Locos por Juana signed with Universal Music[4] and released the highly acclaimed album La Verdad (The Truth), which was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rock or Alternative Album in 2008. The band toured the U.S. from coast to coast to support the album followed by a European tour in the summer. In 2010 Locos Por Juana dropped the EP titled Evolución (Evolution), which was nominated for a Shock Award for Best Alternative Album in Bogota, Colombia. 2012 kicked-off with Somos de La Calle, album released under the indie imprint, La Juana Music.

Locos por Juana's sound is a distinct one, a hybrid drawing not only on the band members' diverse backgrounds but also from other countries' musical styles as well. Correa and Delgado were born in Colombia, and Kondrat is a Miami native of Colombian descent. As such, they incorporate the beloved sounds of their heritage and upbringing like Cumbia, Champeta and Afro-Colombian rhythms such as Mapale and Chande, reshaping and breathing new life into them in order to give them a new identity altogether. Also integral to Locos por Juana's style are musical influences from Miami and the Caribbean islands including Reggae, Raggamuffin, and Dub from Jamaica along with Hip-Hop, Rock, and Funk leading to fusion that Kondrat coined "that island swing." In essence, the heart and soul of the band's style emanates from Colombia, a country whose musical styles are ever-present in band's music.

The L.A. Times defines Locos por Juana's style as "a funky, pan-Latin amalgam, pulling listeners into a reverse Gulf Stream churning through the Straits of Florida south to Jamaica, Venezuela and Colombia, and over to Puerto Rico." The Miami New Times has regaled them as "one of Miami's longest-standing bands," and their Grammy nominated album La Verdad as "the truth of a new multicultural, cosmopolitan generation, played out in the music that represents their cross-cultural connections." The Miami Herald dubbed them "Miami's beloved Latin-reggae-hip-hop mash-up master."

Powerful licks on the electric guitar, Latin grooves, and a Hip-Hop way of life combine to form their international sound and electrifying onstage dynamism.

From Colombia to Miami to the back woods of Vermont, Locos Por Juana is ready to break out with their upcoming album Caribe in October 2016.

Past Recordings, Releases and Media Attention[edit]


Locos por Juana released their self-titled debut in 2002, a solid ten track effort on the now-defunct Latin label Musical Productions, or MP, featuring among its track listing "Que Lo Que Esta Pasando" ("What's Happening"), "Viniendo de la Ciudad" ("Coming From the City"), "Mi Tierra" ("My Land"), "Sola" ("Single" fem.) and "Embustera" ("Liar" fem.). The release earned them acclaim the following year from media, including a nomination in Univision Network's Premios Lo Nuestro 2003 for Best Urban Band, an award for Best Record in Premios Paoli Puerto Rico 2003, and being named Best New Latin Rock Band by BBC America.


Their sophomore effort, Musica Pa'l Pueblo, dropped three years later, in 2005, and it was considered by many to be a stronger, more polished and mature sounding production that lost none of the energy the band manages to translate to disc in their first release. The album featured twelve tracks, including "Locos Por Juana Vol. I," "She's the Devil," "La Noche," "El Dia" "Colombia" and "Adoro" featuring famed Mexican singer-songwriter Armando Manzanero. Once again, the release drew overwhelming attention from critics, including a Best of 2005 award from Boom Magazine, a Miami New Times Best of Miami award for Best Caribbean Band, being named Best Latin Band in the US by BBC News Europe, and the greatest honor to date then, a 2005 Latin Grammy nomination for Best Album by Group.


2008 ushered in another critically acclaimed album and their greatest praise yet. La Verdad (The Truth) signified the group's major label debut, as they signed with an arm of Universal Music Latino, Machete Music, founded by Gustavo Lopez. The album boasted thirteen tracks of vintage Locos Por Juana with the benefit of eight years' experience under their belt. It was undeniably the most polished effort yet for the group, and featured songs like the fan favorite single, "Tu Sabes Muy Bien (La Nalga)" ("You Know Very Well (The Booty)"), "Prende" ("Turn On" or "Light"), "No Te Preocupes" ("Don't Worry"), "Calles de Babylon" ("Streets of Babylon") and "Calle Luna, Calle Sol" ("Moon Street, Sun Street"), an ambitious and successful, undertaking to cover the famed duet by salsa greats Hector Lavoe and Willie Colón. The effort topped even the acclaim of Musica Pa'l Pueblo, reaching a new pinnacle for the group, a rare and much sought-after achievement for any Latin band, nomination in the American Grammy awards. It came for Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album in the 2008 ceremonies.


"[Locos por Juana] has a devoted following thanks to its live performances and [three] albums...This hard-gigging ensemble from Miami delivers a wildly diverse sound, ranging from rock to reggae with a generous splash of Latino Caribbean sounds in between..." - Billboard Magazine

"Locos por Juana tiene seguidores devotos gracias a sus actuaciones en vivo y [tres] álbumes... Estos guerreros de la escena de Miami ofrecen un sonido ampliamente diverso, que va desde el rock hasta el reggae en medio de una generosa pincelada de sonidos latinos del Caribe..."- Billboard Magazine

Blending relaxed reggae grooves with biting social commentary, hip-hop raps with brassy solos, Locos por Juana pulls listeners into a reverse Gulf Stream churning through the Straits of Florida south to Jamaica, Venezuela and Colombia, and over to Puerto Rico." - LA Times

Una mezcla de surcos de reggae sosegados con una mordaz crítica social y golpes de hip-hop con solos estridentes, Locos por Juana jala a los oyentes a la corriente inversa del Golfo batido por el estrecho de la Florida al sur de Jamaica, Venezuela y Colombia, y de vuelta a Puerto Rico". - LA Times

"Catch LPJ Live and see why this bouncy and eclectic outfit has been roping in a diverse mix of rabid fans in Europe, Puerto Rico and the US." - New York Post

Escucha a LPJ en vivo y presencia por qué este equipo animoso y ecléctico ha estado enlazando a una mezcla diversa de fanáticos rabiosos de Europa, Puerto Rico y los EE.UU.". - New York Post

"Funky Miami-style fusion with exuberant energy and danceability that's thrillingly just this side of chaos -- great fun... [Locos Por Juana are] Miami's beloved Latin-reggae-hip-hop mash-up masters... La Verdad hums with energy and invention." - Miami Herald

Fusión funk al estilo de Miami de energía exuberante y bailable que estremece este lado del caos—muy divertidos… [Locos Por Juana son] los maestros amados del mejunje del reggae-hip-hop Latino de Miami…. La Verdad zumba con energía e invención." Miami Herald


After their separation from Machete Music in 2009, wherein the band decided to return to their indie status, deciding that a label with mainstream focus didn't understand how to market their distinct product, Locos Por Juana was busy on the road, as always, touring through New Orlean's famed Jazz Fest, before they ventured overseas for a successful ten-day European summer tour, including gigs before packed houses and festivals with 30,000 people in attendance in Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

In spring of 2010, the band released the aptly titled Evolucion EP, a work featuring six tracks that continue to lean on the stylistic underpinnings that have won the band so much praise, but ventures in experimental and daring new directions, testing boundaries, pushing the envelope, and ignoring the borders of convention.

Since the release of their last full-length, Somos de la Calle (We're From the Street) in 2012 under La Juana Music, the band has undergone numerous changes, including signing with Miami-based record label, Rock The Moon,[5] lead by entrepreneur Tony Gonzalez, with whom they released the hit single "Mueve, Mueve" (move, move)[6] garnering over half a million views on VEVO with an infectious and colorful video shot in Bimini, Bahamas. Their current single, "The Cure," a collaboration with Bermuda reggae star, Collie Buddz, recorded between Miami and Buddz' native Bermuda, was released in May, 2016 to critical acclaim fresh from their triumphant appearance at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. The infectious tune explores a diversification of flavors incorporating Reggae, and the band's own hometown swagger stepping into an exploratory and multicolored vibration.


Album Year Label Notes
Caribe 2016 Rock the Moon Productions
Somos De La Calle 2012 La Juana Music
Evolución 2010 La Juana Music
  • Nominated for a Premio Shock-Colombia (2003) for Best Album
  • Debuted at No. 1 on iTunes on the Latin Alternative chart
La Verdad 2008 Universal Music/Machete Music
  • Nominated for a Grammy (2008) for "Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album"
  • No. 67 Top Latin Albums and No.12 Top Latin Rhythm Albums on Billboard
MUSICA PA’L PUEBLO 2005 M.P. Records
  • Nominated for a Latin Grammy (2005) for "Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album"
Locos Por Juana 2002 M.P. Records
  • Nominated for a Premio Lo Nuestro (2003) for "Best Urban Artist"