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Origin Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Genres Drone, noise, black metal
Years active 2005–present
Labels Small Doses
At War With False Noise
Relapse Records
Website www.myspace.com/thelocrian
Members André Foisy
Terence Hannum
Steven Hess

Locrian is an experimental music/drone rock band from Chicago, Illinois, United States formed in late 2005.[1]


Locrian was formed in late 2005 by André Foisy and Terence Hannum, who had previously played together in Unlucky Atlas.[2][3] Foisy is originally from Northern New York, while Hannum is from Florida.[3] The group has released over 20 recordings in their relatively short lifespan, on labels such as Small Doses, Bloodlust!, and At War With False Noise, as well as on the group's private label Land of Decay.

In 2009, the band released their first studio album, Drenched Lands.[2] The album was met with acclaim from the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Reader, and Rock-A-Rolla magazine. Locrian followed its release with a U.S. tour, including a special Pitchfork Media sponsored 'Show No Mercy' show in New York City, NY.[4] Their 2009 Rain of Ashes release features two 30-minute-long tracks recorded live at the University of Maryland's radio station WMUC.[5] A second album, Territories, was released in 2010, which took the band in a more rock-oriented direction, featuring guest appearances from members of Nachtmystium, Bloodyminded, Yakuza, and Velnias,[6][7] and this was followed by a third, The Crystal World, later the same year, the title coming from a J. G. Ballard novel.[8] The Crystal World features a new member, percussionist Steven Hess.[2]

Locrian provided the soundtrack to Scott Treleaven's film piece The Last 7 Words featuring Genesis P-Orridge.

In addition to playing in the band, Terence Hannum is an installation artist who exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago in 2007, and at the Peeler Art Center in 2010.[9][10] Both Hannum and Foisy teach at Columbia College Chicago.[1]

The band was signed to Relapse Records in 2012.[11]

Musical style[edit]

The band's music was described by Allmusic as an "eclectic mixture of black metal, electronics, drone, and noise rock".[6] Allmusic writer Ned Raggett also identified progressive rock influences on The Crystal World.[12] The band have identified krautrock and 1990s death metal as influences.[3]



  • Setting Yr. Jetta On Fire CDR (Self-Released)


  • II CDR (Self-Released)
  • III CDR (Self-Released)


  • 2xCassette (Self-Released)
  • Locrian/Daleth Cassette (Self-Released)


  • "Exhuming the Carnival/Burying the Carnival" Cassette (Self-Released)
  • "Greyfield Shrines" LP (Diophantine Discs)
  • "Plague Journal 7" (Bloodlust!)
  • "Rhetoric of Surfaces" CDR (Bloodlust!)
  • "Ruins of Morning (Plague Journal)" CDR(Crank Satori)
  • "Ruins of Morning (Plague Journal)" Cassette (Catholic Tapes)
  • "Locrian/Colossus" Cassette (Heavy Nature Tapes)
  • "Locrian/Continent" Cassette (Self-Released)


  • "Drenched Lands" CD (Small Doses/At War With False Noise)
  • "Drenched Lands" LP +3 CD (Bloodlust!)
  • "Land of Contamination" Cassette (Land of Decay)
  • "Land of Erosion" Cassette (Land of Decay)
  • "Land of Decay" VHS +3" CD (Land of Decay)
  • "Locrian/Katchmare" 7" (Pilgrim Talk)
  • "Visible/Invisible" 3" CD (Small Doses)
  • Rain of Ashes CD


  • Territories
  • The Crystal World


  • The Clearing


  • Bless Them That Curse You (collaboration with Mamiffer) (Profound Lore)




  • André Foisy—guitar, bass, percussion
  • Terence Hannum—vocals, synthesizers, organs, tapes, guitar


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