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In Greek mythology, the name Locrus[pronunciation?] may refer to:

  • Locrus son of Physcius and grandson of Amphictyon son of Deucalion, became by Cabya the father of another Locrus, the mythical ancestor of the Ozolian Locrians (Plut. Quaest. Graec. 15). According to some the wife of the former Locrus was called Cambyse or Protogeneia (Pind. Ol. ix. 86 ; Eustath. ad Horn. p. 277).
  • Locrus was a son of Zeus and Maera, the daughter of the Argive king Proetus and Antaea. He is said to have assisted Zethus and Amphion in the building of Thebes (Eustath. ad Horn. p. 1688).
  • Locrus, a son of Phaeax who emigrated to Italy where he married Laurina, the daughter of Latinus.
  • Locrus was also a Parian statuary, of unknown date whose statue of Athena in the temple of Ares, at Athens, is mentioned by Pausanias.


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