Madness for Love

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Madness for Love
Locura de Amor.jpg
Screenshot from film
Directed by Juan de Orduña
Produced by Carlos Blanco
Alfredo Echegaray
José María Pemán
Starring Aurora Bautista
Fernando Rey
Sara Montiel
Jorge Mistral
Jesús Tordesillas
Manuel Luna
Music by Juan Quintero
Cinematography José F. Aguayo
Edited by Juan Serra
Distributed by CIFESA
Release date
8 October 1948 (Spain)
26 October 1950 (US)
Running time
112 minutes
Country Spain
Language Spanish

Madness for Love (Spanish: Locura de amor) is a 1948 Spanish historical drama film directed by Juan de Orduña.[1]

The movie is based on the play La Locura de Amor written in 1855 by Manuel Tamayo y Baus around the figure of Queen Joanna of Castile; who attracted authors, composers, and artists of the romanticist movement, due to her characteristics of unrequited love, obsessive jealousy, and undying fidelity.

The film is also known as The Mad Queen. It was made by CIFESA, Spain's largest film company at the time, which turned out a number of historical films during the late 1940s. It was given an American release in 1950.

In 2001, Vicente Aranda made a remake titled Juana la Loca.

Plot summary[edit]

The story of Queen Joanna of Castile, known as "Juana la loca," and her husband Philip I of Castile, also known as "Philip the handsome."


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