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Locus Technologies
Industry Enterprise software
Founded 1997
Founder Neno Duplan
Headquarters Mountain View, California
San Francisco, California, USA
Services Cloud computing
Enterprise content management solutions

Locus Technologies is an American corporation with headquarters in Mountain View, California, (in Silicon Valley), that provides services to organize energy, water, and environmental data and information via the Internet worldwide.[1]


The company, which has obtained Service Organization Controls SOC 1[2] and SOC 2,[3] is perhaps best known for its Locus Platform, ePortal and EIM software as a service (SaaS) applications. Locus centralizes corporate environmental and sustainability information for easy access through Locus cloud, so that customers experience a reduction in both operational expenses and environmental footprint.Locus has also been highlighted for offering a free GHG calculator for companies to determine whether they meet the threshold requirements necessary to report their emissions data to the California Air Resources Board under AB32, and specifically 95101(b)(8)legislation.[4][5] Locus pioneered the cross section of information management software and mobile technology for environmental data collection by offering an application eWell through iTunes for use on the iPad, the iPhone, and iPod Touch.[6][7] Locus Technologies was founded in April 1997 by Neno Duplan.[8][9][10][11][12] Locus' Board of Directors also includes Mr. Rick Bergquist,[13] former CTO of PeopleSoft.[14] Locus Technologies is the Third Largest Environmental Firm in the San Francisco Bay Area.[15] and the second largest environmental company in the Silicon Valley in 2014 by number of professionals.[16]

Current clients include ExxonMobil,[17] NASA,[18] Chevron,[19][20] Los Alamos National Laboratory,[21][22] Exelon,[23]Del Monte Foods,[24] Monsanto,[25] Grain Processing Corporation(GPC),[26] and others.

Software and Services[edit]

Locus Platform[edit]

The Locus Platform, released toward the end of 2013,[27] allows users to consolidate their data in one central location, and configure the software to fit their business-specific processes for the tracking, management, and reporting of their sustainability, compliance, health & safety, air and greenhouse gases, waste, and water quality information. The Locus Platform offers an interface that incorporates features such as drag-and-drop forms creation, visual business-process modeling, Excel import/export integration, and configurable user dashboards and reporting interface.


Locus’ Environmental Information Management (EIM) software is a web-based environmental data management system introduced in 1999. EIM was the first subscription-based application to organize, manage, and report sampling, analytical and subsurface data in the cloud. EIM offers analytical data management capabilities for chemicals, radionuclides, geology and hydrogeology (subsurface information). It is currently used to manage and report on the data associated with nuclear, mining, water quality, remediation, and upstream oil and gas activities. EIM has been expanded to include city-specific reporting requirements, which automates the generation of self-monitoring report forms (SMRFs)[28] and discharge monitoring reports(DMR),[29] as well as supports the imports and exports for the Environmental Resources Program Information Management System (ERPIMS),[30] which is used by the U.S. Air Force for validation and management of the environmental projects at its bases.

Greenhouse Gas Verification Services[edit]

Locus' certified verification team can be called upon as a third party to validate greenhouse gas emission reports. In the State of California, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) mandates that emissions reports submitted in 2010 and later be verified by a third party that has been accredited by CARB. Locus is one of few companies to maintain this accreditation, and has in-house Lead Verifiers certified in all sector specialties, including process emissions (cement, glass, lime, pulp and paper, iron and steel), oil & gas systems (refineries, hydrogen plants, production and processing systems), and fuel and electricity transactions.

Water Quality Services[edit]

Locus Mobile[edit]

Locus offers a mobile application that gives users the capability to collect and upload field data remotely. Locus Mobile eliminates duplicate input, reduces transcription time, performs data checks and validation at the point of collection, and maintains a complete audit trail including the geo-reference on who collected what, when and where. [31]


The privately held company has also won numerous awards in the environmental space including several Environmental Business Journal awards for achievement among IT companies.[32][33][34][35][36][37][38][39] Locus is also recognized in several independent market research reports such as a recent Verdantix report where they were highlighted as offering, "the best-in-class solution for geographic information capture." Verdantix also reports that,"The software offers full data capture and management capabilities integrated with mapping tools, displaying full environmental and sustainability data on a web-based, interactive GIS system." Overall, Locus scored strongly in customer momentum, data management and financial resources.[40][41] Locus was also evaluated and received vendor ratings from Gartner, Inc.[42] Locus Technologies also won the business subcontractor of the year award from NASA Ames Research Center in 2009 for environmental automation and data collection work,[43][44] and earned a Microsoft Word Gold Application Development Competency.[45]


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