Lod Railway Station

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Lod Railway Station
תחנת הרכבת לוד

Israel Railways
Lod Railway Station.JPG
Station statistics
Address Yoseftal Ave., Lod
Coordinates 31°56′45″N 34°52′32″E / 31.94583°N 34.87556°E / 31.94583; 34.87556Coordinates: 31°56′45″N 34°52′32″E / 31.94583°N 34.87556°E / 31.94583; 34.87556
Platforms 2
Tracks 4
Parking 300 spaces
Bicycle facilities 5 spaces
Other information
Opened 1891
Rebuilt 1917–1920

Lod Railway Station is an Israel Railways station in Lod, Israel, served by most railway lines of Israel Railways. The station is located in the HaRakevet district of south Lod. In December 2006, Lod Station served a daily average of 7,786 passengers.

Lod station is the 11th most used station of Israel Railways[1] and is home to a major railway depot. It traces its history as such to the 19th century, when it was used as an interim station on the Jaffa-Jerusalem line, the first significant railway line in the Middle East. For many years Lod (then called Lydda) was the main railway hub of Palestine and later Israel as it sits at the intersection of several major rail lines located in the central part of the country. Also, before the establishment of the state of Israel, the Coastal Railway did not exist, neither did westbound spurs from the Eastern Railway and therefore all traffic from the north of the country bound for Tel Aviv and Jaffa had to first proceed southwards to Lod, then reroute northwest through the station.

The station's location was changed following World War I, when the British rebuilt the Jaffa–Jerusalem line to standard gauge. The original station building serves as a Magen David Adom station.[2]


Bus routes that stop outside the station are: Superbus lines 11 and 461, Egged lines 239 and 249, and Connex lines 150 and 152.


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  1. ^ According to official Israel Railways ticket sales data in September 2008. Not including passengers using the station for transfer
  2. ^ Travis, Anthony S. (2009). On Chariots with Horses of Fire and Iron. Magnes Press. p. 190. ISBN 978-965-91147-0-2. 

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