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Original author(s)John-David Dalton
Initial releaseApril 23, 2012; 8 years ago (2012-04-23)[1]
Stable release
4.17.20 / August 13, 2020; 3 months ago (2020-08-13)[2]
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Written inJavaScript
TypeJavaScript library

Lodash is a JavaScript library which provides utility functions for common programming tasks using the functional programming paradigm.


Lodash draws most of its ideas from Underscore.js and now receives maintenance from the original contributors to Underscore.js.

It joined the Dojo Foundation in 2013,[3] and via the jQuery Foundation and JS Foundation, is now part of the OpenJS Foundation.[4]


Lodash is a JavaScript library that helps programmers write more concise and maintainable JavaScript.

It can be broken down into several main areas:

  • Utilities - for simplifying common programming tasks such as determining type as well as simplifying math operations.
  • Function - simplifying binding, decorating, constraining, throttling, debouncing, currying, and changing the pointer.
  • String - conversion functions for performing basic string operations, such as trimming, converting to uppercase, camel case, etc.
  • Array - creating, splitting, combining, modifying, and compressing
  • Collection - iterating, sorting, filtering, splitting, and building
  • Object - accessing, extending, merging, defaults, and transforming
  • Seq - chaining, wrapping, filtering, and testing.

It has had multiple releases, so not all functions are available in all implementations. For example, _.chunk has only been available since version 3.0.0.

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