Lodewijk Caspar Valckenaer

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Title page of Theocritus: Carmina bucolica, edited by Valckenaer, Leiden 1779. Running Greek script.

Lodewijk Caspar Valckenaer (Leeuwarden, 7 June 1715 – Leiden, 15 March 1785) was a Dutch classical scholar, at Leiden. He was a follower of Tiberius Hemsterhuis, and his successor in 1766 in the chair of Greek at Leiden.[1] He was born in Leeuwarden.

The jurist and politician Johan Valckenaer (1759–1821) was his son.


  • Ammonius. De adfinium vocabulorum differentia (Leiden 1739)
  • Dictata in antiquitates Graecas (1751)
  • Observationes philologicae in Evangelium Lucae (1751)
  • Observationes philologicae in Actus Apostolicos (1752)
  • Observationes philologicae in primam Pauli epistolam ad Corinthios (1752)
  • Phoenissae (1755)
  • Diatribe in Euripidis deperditorum dramatum reliquias (1767)
  • Euripidis Tragoedia Hippolytus (Commentary, 1768)


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