Lodewijk Toeput

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portrait of Lodewijk Toeput, by Hans von Aachen

Lodewijk Toeput, or il Pozzoserrato (c. 1550 – 1605) was a Mannerist landscape painter active in Italy.


The Nine Muses

Toeput was born in Antwerp. According to Karel van Mander, who listed him as one of two painters from Northern Europe whom he met in Venice, he was a good poet (rederijker) as well as a painter; van Mander thought he came from Mechelen.[1] Van Mander listed him with Dirck de Vries, a painter of kitchen pieces and fruit markets from Friesland.[1] According to the RKD he was from Antwerp and spent most of his life in Treviso, Italy, where he died.[2] He painted several historical allegories from the Bible and mythological themes from Metamorphoses.[2]


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