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Lodge Cottrell Ltd
Industry Air Pollution Control
Founded 1922
Headquarters Birmingham, England, UK
Key people

Kevin Bridgewater, Managing Director

Maurice Bottomley, Business Development Manager

Maxim Yugai, Project Manager
Website lodgecottrell.com

Lodge Cottrell Ltd. is a supplier of environmental air pollution control equipment for the power generation industry and other industrial process applications, with over 4,500 installations worldwide. It has facilities in Birmingham, England and Houston, Texas, United States, and operates through a network of associates, partners, agents and licencees. Lodge Cottrell Ltd and Lodge Cottrell Inc. are part of KC Cottrell Co., Ltd., an air pollution control company with its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea.


The Lodge Fume Deposit Company Limited was founded in Birmingham, England in 1913 by Sir Oliver Lodge who pioneered the electrostatic precipitation technique for removing dust.[1] In 1922, the Lodge Fume Company changed its name to Lodge-Cottrell Ltd. in honor of Frederick Gardner Cottrell's additional contributions to the development electrostatic precipitation.[2]


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