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Ethnicity English
Current region Australia
Connected families Cabot

The Lodge family are a prominent New England political family, and among the families who make up the "Boston Brahmins", also known as the "first families of Boston."


The Boston Brahmin Lodge family are closely related with the Cabot family. George Cabot had a great-granddaughter named Anna Cabot (b. 1821),[1] who married the wealthy Boston merchant John Ellerton Lodge. Their son Henry Cabot Lodge (b. 1850 in Boston)[1] was a U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, who was reelected for the same senate seat as the incumbent 1916 U.S. Senate candidate against the Kennedy brothers' maternal grandfather, John F. Fitzgerald. George's great-great-great-great grandson, Henry Cabot Lodge II (b. 1902 in Nahant)[2] was also a U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, incumbent 1952 U.S. Senate candidate from Massachusetts against John F. Kennedy, U.S. Ambassador to United Nations, and 1960 vice presidential candidate for Richard Nixon against Kennedy-Lyndon B. Johnson. Another great-great-great-great grandson, John Davis Lodge (b. 1903 in Washington, DC)[3] was the 64th Governor of Connecticut. George's great-great-great-great grandson, George Cabot Lodge II (b. 1927) was the 1962 U.S. Senate candidate from Massachusetts against Ted Kennedy.

It became connected to other prominent families through marriage.

Notable members[edit]