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Industry Retail
Founded Meridian, Mississippi 1887
Headquarters 2209 Front Street,
Meridian, Mississippi
, U.S.
Key people
Robert Loeb, President
Will Loeb, Director of Ecommerce
Products Clothing, shoes, eyewear, accessories, outdoor gear
Website loebsclothing.com
Loeb's today on Front Street in Meridian, Mississippi

Loeb's is an American department store based in Meridian, Mississippi. It operates an online specialty store. Loeb's was founded in 1887 by Alex Loeb as Alex Loeb, Inc. Today, Loeb's legal name is "Loeb's, Inc." Loeb's is located on Front Street, Meridian.


The Alex Loeb building. Loeb's previous location on 5th Street in Meridian, Mississippi.
Simon Loeb and Brothers Department Store in Columbus, Mississippi

Alex Loeb was a merchant in Meridian in the late 19th century. Loeb emigranted from Germany and moved to Meridian from Columbus, Mississippi to open his first store.[1] Alex Loeb was the first Loeb in Meridian, brought to the United States from Germany by his brother, Simon Loeb, who preceded him in Columbus. Born in Bavaria, Simon Loeb arrived in Columbus in 1867. In 1874, he created the store with his younger brother, Julius. They sold dry goods, clothing, shoes, and groceries. Although Simon arrived in Columbus with little money, he and his brother eventually became successful merchants[2]

During Meridian's "golden age" in the early 20th century, it was said that respectable railroad workers would only wear clothes from Alex Loeb's store. The well-dressed Loeb was a colorful character known for his white moustache, ever-present cigar, and hospitable personality; he would personally welcome each customer as he or she entered the store.[3] Alex Loeb's son, Abraham Marshall Loeb, and his brother Henry S. Loeb took over the business after their father. The business then passed to A. Marshall Loeb's son, Robert Switzer Loeb Sr., and his brother Alexander Marshall Loeb. The two brothers Robert and Alex acquired the Marks-Rothenberg Co. department store on 6th Street during the 1970s and ran the business until the late 1970s when the business was sold to Zale Corporation.[4]

In the year 1988 Robert S. Loeb, Jr. returned to Meridian after working in management at Parisian department store in Birmingham, Alabama. It was Robert's vision to bring the clothing tradition back to Meridian. Today, Loeb's is operated by Robert S. Loeb Jr., and the business continues on Front Street in Downtown Meridian. Under Robert Jr.'s leadership the business model has transformed into an outdoor and lifestyle inspired store.

Loeb's online[edit]

Loeb's has maintained its own website since 2004 but did not start selling products online until 2013. In the Fall of 2013, Loeb's launched a new ecommerce website on loebsclothing.com and started selling products available from its brick and mortar store to customers on internet.

Products and services[edit]

The Alex Loeb building. Painted signage on left side of Loeb's previous location on 5th Street in Meridian, Mississippi.

Brand name products are available at Loeb's from The North Face, Patagonia, YETI Coolers, Columbia, Eagles Nest Outfitters, Kavu, TOMS Shoes, Costa Del Mar, Ralph Lauren, Chaco, Teva, Bostonian, H.S. Trask, Kavu, Jack Victor, and Clarks.[5]

Loeb's also provides tuxedo rental services for weddings, formals, and black tie events.[6]

Loeb's was recognized by MR Magazine for offering books from local Mississippi authors such as Gridiron Gold by Frascogna; A book of stories from legendary Mississippi high school football coaches.[7]

Featuring products by the North Face, the North Face Concept Store is a department on the second floor of Loeb's store dedicated to the outdoor clothing brand. This department is modeled after free-standing the North Face stores, including the light fixtures and paint.[8]


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