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Loffice started as a coworking (collaborative working) space in the 6th district of Budapest, Hungary,[1] in the halls of a former sheet music printing factory. Due to its mostly recycled interior and running on alternative energy, the loft building featured in magazines and blogs both national and international.[2]

Since it opened its doors in early 2009, it has hosted various cultural programs and art shows and is home of the Bring the Art Home (BAH) program [3] and the annual Portfolio Review. The founders of Loffice, Kata and Anna Klementz, won the National Young Entrepreneurs Award (Fivosz)[4] in Hungary and were invited to speak at the international Coworking Europe conference in 2011 in Berlin.[5]

Since then, three more locations opened in Budapest; the latest addition is the coworking space in Vienna, which opened its doors in the fall of 2011 in the Neubau district.


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