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Origin Paris, France
Genres Nu metal,[1] rap metal, punk rock, hardcore
Years active 1989 (1989)-present
Website www.lofofora.com
Members Reuno Wangermez
Phil Curty
Daniel Descieux
Vincent Hernault
Reuno Wangermez

Lofofora is a French metal band[2] from Paris. They write songs of protest and denounce some of the failings of the French society. For example, the problems in the underdeveloped outskirts, the hypocrisy of the politics of the French extreme right leagues. Among their titles are "Buvez du cul" and "No Facho". The band was created in 1989 and plays concerts in France as well as in Belgium and Canada.

Lofofora is considered one of the pioneering acts of the rap metal genre in France. The band's name is taken from the peyote cactus' scientific name, Lophophora williamsii.


  • L'Oeuf (1993)
  • Lofofora (1994) 5 tracks
  • Lofofora (1995)
  • Holiday in France (1995)
  • Peuh! (1996)
  • Dur Comme Fer (1999)
  • K (1999) Single with Kabal (two songs)
  • Double (2001) CD live + cover CD
  • Le Fond Et La Forme (2003)
  • Lames de Fond (2004) CD Live + DVD
  • Les Choses Qui Nous Dérangent (2005)
  • Mémoires de Singes (oct 2007)
  • Monstre Ordinaire (2011)
  • L'épreuve du contraire (2014)
  • L'épreuve du concert (2015) CD live


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