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Log Cabin syrup is a brand of pre-packaged syrups owned by Pinnacle Foods.

Log Cabin syrup was introduced in 1887. Grocer Patrick James Towle (1835-1912),[1][not in citation given] who lived in the village of Forest Lake, Minnesota. He named the syrup in honor of his childhood hero President Abraham Lincoln, who was famed for spending his childhood living in a log cabin.

The brand was acquired by General Foods in 1927 and remained one of that company's major brands for decades. General Foods merged with Kraft in 1990, and Kraft sold Log Cabin to Aurora Foods in 1997. Under Aurora's ownership, Log Cabin partnered with the National Park Service to restore some historic log cabins.[2] Pinnacle Foods acquired Aurora in March 2004, after it went bankrupt.[3]

The newest version of Log Cabin syrup has eliminated high-fructose corn syrup, believed by some to increase the risk of obesity. It is the first American brand to eliminate the ingredient, though it does still contain corn syrup.[4]

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