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A log profile, or logarithmic profile, is a shooting profile, or gamma curve, found on some digital video cameras that gives a wide dynamic and tonal range, allowing more latitude to apply colour and style choices. The resulting image appears washed out, requiring color grading in post-production, but retains shadow and highlight detail that would otherwise be lost if a regular linear profile had been used that clipped shadow and highlight detail. The feature is mostly used in filmmaking and videography.

Proprietary log profiles on various cameras[edit]

  • C-Log or Canon Log on Canon cameras[1] (including C-Log2 and C-Log3)
  • D-Log on DJI UAV cameras[2]
  • F-Log on Fujifilm cameras[3]
  • N-Log on Nikon cameras[4]
  • S-Log on Sony cameras[5] (including S-Log2 and S-Log3)[6]
  • V-Log on Panasonic cameras (including Panasonic, Panavision and Lumix cameras).

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