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Logan may refer to:




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Other uses[edit]

  • Clan Logan, a Scottish clan name
  • Wolverine (character), uses the alias "Logan" in X-Men comics and associated media
  • Logan (film), a 2017 American film based on the character Wolverine
  • Renault/Dacia Logan, a low cost automobile produced by Renault and Dacia
  • Logan (band), a rock band from Glasgow, Scotland
  • Logan Act, a United States law forbidding private citizens from negotiating with foreign governments
  • Logan Medal, an award given to Canadian geologists for outstanding contribution to the field
  • Logan Rock, a rocking stone found in Cornwall, United Kingdom
  • Logan's Roadhouse, an American restaurant chain
  • Logan's Run, a 1967 science fiction novel
  • Loganberry, a hybrid produced from crossing a blackberry and a raspberry
  • Longan, a southeast Asian fruit sometimes misspelled “Logan”
  • Rocking stones, also known as logan stones, large stones that are carefully balanced so as to move with the slightest touch
  • Souths Logan Magpies,a rugby league club from Brisbane, Australia
  • a 2-row barley variety