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Logan Motorway

Wembly Road crossing Logan Motorway west.jpg
Looking west from Wembley Road crossing, 2015
General information
Length30.3 km (19 mi)
Route number(s)
  • M2
  • (Gailes- Forest lake)
  • M2
  • (Forest Lake- Drewvale)
  • M6
  • (Drewvale - Loganholme)
route number
  • Metroad 4
  • (Gailes - Drewvale)
  • Metroad 6
  • (Drewvale - Loganholme)
Major junctions
West end Ipswich Motorway, Gailes, Queensland
East end Pacific Motorway, Loganholme, Queensland
Major suburbs / townsDrewvale, Loganlea
Highway system

The M2/M6 Logan Motorway is a 30-kilometre toll road between Ipswich and the M1 or Pacific Motorway at Loganholme, and the Gateway Motorway, providing access to the Gold Coast on the eastern seaboard and to the rural areas of the Darling Downs to the west. The M6 portion runs from the Pacific Motorway to the junction with the Gateway Motorway at Drewvale, where it then becomes the M2, continuing on to merge with the Ipswich Motorway at Gailes.

The road is operated and owned by Transurban.[1] Most of this road was formally Metroad 4 prior to the Gateway Motorway extension in 1997.[2]


Motorway bridge at Loganlea, 2013
View south east from Tanah Merah, 2016

The Logan Motorway Act of 1987 permitted a franchise period of 30 years from completion of construction.[3] The original owner was the Logan Motorway Company Ltd.

It originally opened as a two-lane motorway on 13 December 1988, and was upgraded to four in two stages.[1] The first stage of the duplication (Ipswich Motorway to Wembley Road) was completed in December 1996, followed by the second (Wembley Road to Pacific Motorway) on 23 May 2000. The Gateway Motorway was linked in 1997.[3]


In 2015, the road was deemed to be a traffic bottleneck. It was exceeding its planned capacity with up to 60,000 vehicles per day using the motorway.[4] Late in the same year it was announced that Transurban will upgrade the Logan Motorway will undergo a $450 million upgrade expected to be constructed from 2016 through to 2019.[5] [6]


The road is operated and owned by Transurban.[1] Electronic free-flow tolling was implemented in 2009.

The motorway has three toll points:[7][1]

  • Loganlea toll point: east of Loganlea Road, and the eastbound exit and westbound entry ramps to / from Loganlea Road
  • Heathwood toll point: west of Stapylton Road, and the westbound exit and eastbound entry ramps to / from Stapylton Road
  • Paradise Road toll point: westbound exit and eastbound entry ramps to / from Paradise Road

Additionally, all traffic between the Logan Motorway and Gateway Extension must pass through the Kuraby toll point of the Gateway Extension.

Toll prices as of 1 January 2021[8]
Toll road Class 1 (Motorcycles) Class 2 (Car) Class 3 (Light Commercial Vehicle) Class 4 (Heavy Commercial Vehicle) Toll increase
Logan Motorway Loganlea toll point $0.89 $1.78 $2.68 $5.59 Annually on 1 July, by CPI
Heathwood and Paradise Road toll points $1.47 $2.93 $4.39 $9.23 Annually on 1 July, by CPI

Exits and interchanges[edit]

BrisbaneIpswich boundaryWacolGailes boundary00.0 Ipswich Motorway (State Route M2) west – Ipswich, ToowoombaWestern motorway terminus: continues as Ipswich Motorway westbound; no access to Ipswich Motorway north-eastbound or from Ipswich Motorway south-westbound
0.50.31Brisbane Road – Goodna, Redbank PlainsWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
Carole Park0.80.50Formation Street – Camira, Carole ParkEastbound exit and westbound entrance
21.2Boundary Road – Carole Park, WacolWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
BrisbaneForest Lake3.42.1 Centenary Motorway (State Route M5) – Springfield, Jindalee, BrisbaneNo eastbound exit to M5 northbound; no westbound entrance from M5 southbound
74.3Heathwood toll point
Heathwood8.25.1 Stapylton Road (State Route 35) – Forestdale, Forest Lake
Larapinta10.96.8Paradise Road – Acacia Ridge, ForestdaleToll Point
ParkinsonDrewvale boundary13.98.6Beaudesert Road – Acacia Ridge, Brisbane, Regents Park, BeaudesertParclo Interchange
Drewvale15.89.8 Gateway Motorway (State Route M2) north – Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Brisbane AirportTrumpet interchange; Route transition: M2 westbound, Metroad 6 eastbound
LoganBerrinba16.910.5 Wembley Road (State Route 50) – Browns Plains, Logan Central Wembley Road toll point was under the bridge.
Loganlea22.714.1 Kingston Road (State Route 95) via Jutland Street & Station Road – Bethania, UnderwoodEastbound exit and entrance via Jutland Street, westbound exit and entrance via Station Road
Meadowbrook24.215.0Loganlea Road – Daisy Hill, LoganleaWestbound exit and entrance
24.515.2University Drive to Loganlea Road – Daisy Hill, LoganleaEastbound exit and entrance
25.215.7Loganlea toll point
Tanah MerahLoganholme boundary29.318.2Drews Road
Loganholme29.818.5Pacific Highway frontage road – Loganholme, BrisbaneEastbound exit is via Drews Road ramp
30.318.8 Pacific Motorway (State Route M1) south – Gold Coast, Ballina, Gold Coast AirportEastern terminus: continues as Pacific Motorway southbound; no access to M1 northbound or from M1 southbound

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