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Map showing Lowgar province in Afghanistan

Logar River (also Lowgar) is a river of Afghanistan. It gives the name to the Logar Valley and Logar Province. In Maidan Wardak Province where the river originates, it is called Chak River. The Chaki Wardak Dam is built on the river in Chaki Wardak District, Maidan Wardak Province.

The Logar River drains a wide tract of country, rising in Maidan Wardak Province in the southern slopes of the Sanglakh Range and receiving tributaries from hills in the Kharwar District, north-east of Ghazni. It joins the Kabul River a few kilometres below the city of Kabul. The fertile and well irrigated Logar Valley, which is watered by its southern tributaries, is about 64 km (40 mi) long by 19 km (12 mi) wide. Lying in the vicinity of the capital, the district contributes significantly to its food supply.

A large ancient city was discovered in 2002, just south of Puli Alam, dating back at least 1,700 years to Kushan times. It contains numerous multi-storied buildings and temple and covers an area of about 30 km2. It has been extensively looted during the recent war with many antiquities being sold on the black market.

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