Logar Valley (Slovenia)

Coordinates: 46°23′1.03″N 14°37′17.92″E / 46.3836194°N 14.6216444°E / 46.3836194; 14.6216444
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Logar Valley Landscape Park
Krajinski park Logarska dolina
IUCN category V (protected landscape/seascape)
Logar Valley
Map showing the location of Logar Valley Landscape Park
Map showing the location of Logar Valley Landscape Park
Coordinates46°23′1.03″N 14°37′17.92″E / 46.3836194°N 14.6216444°E / 46.3836194; 14.6216444
Area24.75 km2 (9.56 sq mi)
The Logar Valley in autumn

The Logar Valley (Slovene: Logarska dolina, Logarjeva dolina[3]) is a valley in the Kamnik Alps, in the Municipality of Solčava, Slovenia. The Slovene name for the valley is of relatively recent coinage[3] and is derived from the Logar Farm, which in turn is derived from log (literally, 'swampy meadow'). In 1987, the valley received protected status as a landscape park encompassing 24.75 square kilometres (9.56 sq mi).[4]


The Logar Valley is a typical U-shaped glacial valley. It is divided into three parts. The lower part is named Log, the middle part Plest or Plestje[3] (it is a mostly wooded area), and the upper part Kot (literally 'cirque') or Ogradec[3] (it is a wooded area with scree slopes). Altogether 35 people live on the isolated farmsteads in the valley.


View from above
360° view on video

The Logar Valley is ringed by the following peaks: Strelovec (1,763 m or 5,784 ft), Krofička (2,083 m or 6,834 ft), Ojstrica (2,350 m or 7,710 ft), Lučka Baba (2,244 m or 7,362 ft), Planjava (2,394 m or 7,854 ft), Brana (2,252 m or 7,388 ft), Turska Gora (2,251 m or 7,385 ft), and Mrzla Gora (2,203 m or 7,228 ft). It terminates in a head wall beneath the Okrešelj Cirque, where the Savinja River starts at an ice-cold spring at an elevation of 1,280 meters and flows to Rinka Falls.


Although the Logar Valley is not particularly narrow (about 500 m at its narrowest), inversions are very common due to the influence of a northern anticyclone. Temperature distributions on the slopes are greatly influenced by differences between the sunny and shady areas, which is seen in different snow and ice conditions in the winter.

A walking path (2–3 hours) through the valley leads past a number of points of interest: the source of Black Creek (Črna), wooden logging chutes, a burl-covered ash tree, a charcoal-maker’s hut, and other sights.


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