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Logie may refer to:

  • Logie, Dundee, a residential area in the City of Dundee, Scotland
  • Logie Coldstone, an Aberdeenshire village north of the River Dee in Scotland
  • Logie, Fife, a village and parish of east Fife, Scotland

or as a surname:

  • George Logie-Smith (1914–2007), an Australian conductor, music examiner, and music educator
  • Gus Logie (born 1960), a Trinidad and Tobago cricketer and former wicketkeeper for the West Indies cricket team
  • John H. Logie, Mayor of Grand Rapids, Michigan from 1992 to 2003
  • Jimmy Logie (1919–1984), Scottish footballer
  • Scott Logie (born 1977), Canadian voice actor who dubs in anime productions
  • Willie Logie (1932–2016), Scottish footballer
  • Willy Logie, a retired Belgian professional darts player
  • W. S. Loggie

or as a given name:

  • James Logie Robertson (1846–1922), a literary scholar, editor and author, who also used the pen name Hugh Haliburton
  • John Logie Baird, the inventor of television
  • Logie Bruce Lockhart (born 1921), a British writer and journalist, formerly a Scottish rugby union player and headmaster of Gresham's School
  • Thomas Logie MacDonald (1901–1973), Scottish astronomer and politician and eponym of lunar crater McDonald

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