Logistics 2.0

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Logistics 2.0
Logistic 2.0 Cover Page.JPG
June 2009 issue
Categories Logistics magazines
Frequency Monthly
Publisher 9.9 Media
Year founded 2005
Company 9.9 Media
Country India
Based in New Delhi
Language English
Website industry20.com

The term Logistics 2.0 represents a vision of future logistics opportunities, benefits and efficiencies achieved through the deployment of new technologies such as 3D Printing and machine-to-machine communications.[1]

There is also a monthly magazine entitled Logistics 2.0, published by 9.9 Media for senior executives and professional managers involved in management of logistics, transportation and supply chains.[2] The magazine was established in 2005.[2] The publication covers issues, trends, technologies and business practices in supply chain management, and delivers information needed by decision makers to improve cycle times, reduce inventories, and work more efficiently. 9.9 Media is a diversified media company started by former ABP CEO Dr. Pramath Raj Sinha along with four of his other colleagues. It targets consumer, business and professional communities through magazines, websites, events, and peer groups. The magazine is based in New Delhi.[2]


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