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In the United States Marine Corps, the logistics combat element (LCE), formerly combat service support element, is the portion of the Marine air-ground task force (MAGTF) responsible with providing logistical support. It provides equipment and personnel to keep the MAGTF running logistically.

The logistics combat element (LCE), organized into battalions, regiments, and groups, has its own headquarters element for command and control (management and planning for manpower, intelligence, operations and training, and logistics functions) of its subordinate units and contains the majority of the combat service support units for the MAGTF, including: heavy motor transport, ground supply, heavy engineer support, ground equipment maintenance, and advanced medical and dental units, along with certain specialized groups such as air delivery, EOD, and landing support teams.

The size of the LCE varies in proportion to the size of the MAGTF. A Marine expeditionary force has a Marine logistics group or MLG. A Marine expeditionary brigade holds a combat logistics regiment or CLR, often reinforced with equipment and personnel from other logistics units. The various Marine expeditionary units command a reinforced combat logistics battalion. Generally, MEF postings are permanent, while MEBs and MEUs rotate their GCE, ACE, and LCE twice annually.

Hierarchy of Marine logistics units[edit]


1stMLG insignia.png
Battalion Name Insignia Nickname
Headquarters & Service Battalion
1st Dental Battalion 1st dental bn insig.png
7th Engineer Support Battalion 7esb.png

Combat Logistics Regiment 1[edit]

Battalion Name Insignia Nickname
Combat Logistics Battalion 1 Clb1logo.jpg
Combat Logistics Battalion 5 CLB5logo.jpg
Combat Logistics Battalion 7 CLb7 29palms.jpg
1st Transportation Support Battalion

Combat Logistics Regiment 15[edit]

CLR-15 insignia.jpg
Battalion Name Insignia Nickname
1st Maintenance Battalion 1st Maintenance Battalion.jpg Warfighters
1st Medical Battalion 1st Medical Battalion (FtO).svg
1st Supply Battalion 1st supply bn insig.png Dragon Warriors
Combat Logistics Company 11 CLC-11 insignia.jpg
Combat Logistics Company 16 CLC-16 insignia.jpg Los Lobos

Combat Logistics Regiment 17[edit]

CLR-17 logo.jpg
Battalion Name Insignia Nickname
Combat Logistics Battalion 11 CLB-11 LOGO.jpg
Combat Logistics Battalion 13 Combat Logistics Battalion 13 Insignia.svg Lucky
Combat Logistics Battalion 15 Clb15.png Blackout


Battalion Name Insignia Nickname
Headquarters and Service Battalion No image.png
2nd Dental Battalion No image.png
8th Engineer Support Battalion 8th ESB.jpg

Combat Logistics Regiment 2[edit]

CLR 2 LOGO.jpg
Battalion Name Insignia Nickname
Combat Logistics Battalion 2 CLB-2 insignia.jpg
Combat Logistics Battalion 6 CLB-6 logo as of 2007.jpg
Combat Logistics Battalion 8 CLB-8 insignia.png

Combat Logistics Regiment 25[edit]

CLR-25 logo.jpg
Battalion Name Insignia Nickname
2nd Maintenance Battalion 2nd Maintenance Battalion.jpg
2nd Supply Battalion 2ndsupply.jpg
2nd Medical Battalion 2ndmedbn.jpg
Combat Logistics Company 21 CLC-21 insignia.jpg
Combat Logistics Company 23 CLC-23 insignia.jpg Roughnecks

Combat Logistics Regiment 27[edit]

Battalion Name Insignia Nickname
Combat Logistics Battalion 22 Clb-22-black.png
Combat Logistics Battalion 24 Clb24logo.png
Combat Logistics Battalion 26 CLB-26 insignia.jpg
2nd Military Police Battalion 2nd Military Police Battalion.jpg


Battalion Name Insignia Nickname
Headquarters and Service Battalion
3rd Dental Battalion 3rd Dental Battalion.gif
9th Engineer Support Battalion 9thESBsmall.jpg

Combat Logistics Regiment 3[edit]

CLR3 Graphic.jpg
Battalion Name Insignia Nickname
Combat Logistics Battalion 3 CLB-3 logo lg.jpg
Combat Logistics Battalion 4 Clb-4.jpg The Supporting Edge
3d Landing Support Battalion
3d Transportation Support Battalion 3d TSB.jpg Rough Riders

Combat Logistics Regiment 35[edit]

Battalion Name Insignia Nickname
3rd Medical Battalion 3d Medical Battalion new logo.jpg
3rd Maintenance Battalion Mbn logo.jpg
3rd Supply Battalion 3rd Supply Battalion.png
Combat Logistics Company 35 CLC-35.jpg
Combat Logistics Company 36 CLC-36 insignia.jpg Dragons

Combat Logistics Regiment 37[edit]

CLR-37 LOGO.png
Battalion Name Insignia Nickname
Combat Logistics Battalion 31 CLB-31per.jpg Atlas Battalion


USMC 4th MLG vector.svg
Battalion Name Insignia Nickname
Headquarters and Service Battalion HQBN.jpg
4th Maintenance Battalion 4thMAINTBN png.jpg
4th Supply Battalion 4th Supply Battalion.JPG
6th Engineer Battalion 6thESB.jpg
6th Motor Transport Battalion 6thmt.png
4th Medical Battalion 4thMEDBN.jpg
4th Dental Battalion 4thDENBN.png
4th Landing Support Battalion 4thlsb.jpg
6th Communications Battalion
Note: also falls under CE, Marine Forces Reserve
6th comm bn insig.jpg

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