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This is a gallery of the history of all the revisions made to the uniform jerseys and helmets of the National Football League's Cleveland Browns franchise.

Logo gallery[edit]

Design history[edit]

Cleveland Browns uniform combination


The Browns wear their white jersey at home in preseason games and at least for their regular season home opener. In 2011, the team wore all white for all home and away games. In the 2013 season the team wore all brown during a Thursday night game vs the Buffalo Bills and the again against their hated rival the Pittsburgh Steelers


  1. Brown - solid brown (no stripes). Orange pants with a brown-white-brown stripe sequence were worn from 1974[1]–1983 and become symbolic of the Kardiac Kids era. The orange pants were worn again occasionally in 2003 and 2004.


Solid brown with brown jerseys and solid orange with white jerseys (1984); solid brown when worn with white pants (2002 mid-season–2008); white striped socks with brown pants (2009) Brown striped socks appeared with 1957-style throwback uniforms in 2006-2008.

Ill-fated 'CB' logo helmet logo design[edit]

In 1965, NFL Creative Services designed a brown "CB" logo for the Browns' helmet. It was never used in any games.[2]

Jersey changes made through the years[edit]

  • 2006 — They also unveiled a throwback jersey that has been worn once a year since 2006 that features the black numbers on the sides of the helmets, along with a single white stripe on the helmet, removal of the shoulder numbers from the jersey tops, thinner stripes on the pants, and a different variation of striping on the socks.
  • 2008–present — The Browns wore brown pants for the first time in team history on August 18, 2008, preseason game against the New York Giants. The pants contain no stripes or markings. The team had the brown pants created as an option for their away uniform in 2006 and appeared as the away default uniform choice in Madden 09 (2008 season).[3]

    In the first game of the 2009 preseason, the Browns played in their all brown pants and continued to wear them for the remaining road games of the season. This was a favorite uniform of Eric Mangini. The Browns wore white at home during the 2011 season for the first time since 2008.[4]


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