Lohagara Upazila, Chittagong

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Lohagara is located in Bangladesh
Location in Bangladesh
Coordinates: 22°0.5′N 92°6.3′E / 22.0083°N 92.1050°E / 22.0083; 92.1050Coordinates: 22°0.5′N 92°6.3′E / 22.0083°N 92.1050°E / 22.0083; 92.1050
Country  Bangladesh
Division Chittagong Division
District Chittagong District
 • Total 258.87 km2 (99.95 sq mi)
Population (1991)
 • Total 203,453
 • Density 786/km2 (2,040/sq mi)
Time zone BST (UTC+6)
Website Official Map of Lohagara

Lohagara (Bengali: লোহাগাড়া) is an Upazila of Chittagong District[1] in the Division of Chittagong, Bangladesh. Lohagara is situated between Chittagong and Cox's Bazar. It is one of the largest and most densely populated upazilas of Bangladesh.[2]


In 1660 Mughal prince Shah Shuja took shelter in the Kingdom of Arakan to escape from Mir Jumla II. During heading to Arakan he stayed in a beautiful hilly place (present day Chunati) between Chittagong and Cox's Bazar for few days. At the time of departure he engraved an iron bar in that place as a sign. It is thought that because of engraving iron bar by Shah Shuja the area is called 'Lohagara'.


Lohagara was once under Satkania Upazila. Lohagara thana was formed in 1981 and it was turned into an upazila in 1983.


Lohagara is located at 22°00′30″N 92°06′20″E / 22.0083°N 92.1056°E / 22.0083; 92.1056 . It has 33,981 households and a total area of 258.87 square kilometres (99.95 sq mi). It is bordered by Satkania Upazila on the north, Chakaria and Lama Upazilas on the south, Bandarban Sadar and Lama Upazilas on the east and Banshkhali Upazila on the west. The noted canals are Tonkaboti, Dolu and Hangor.South Sukchari Is an Ideal Village of Lohagara

Tonkaboti canal

Parks and greenery[edit]


Lohagara thana was turned into an upazila in 1983. The upazila consists of 9 union parishads, 40 mouzas and 43 villages. The largest Union is Barohatia and the largest village is Rashider Ghona.

9 union parishads. The Unions are:


As of 2001, the population of Lohagara upazila was 2,66,741. Of these, 1,34,094 male and female 1,32,647 are female. The total population is 89% Muslim, 9% Hindu and 2% Buddhists and other religions


The settlement of this area has been developed through the lives of people of different opinions of different opinions. During the formation of history, foreign merchants were in this area. Seemingly different ethnicity and existence are observed.


  • Chunti Khan Mosque
    Shrine at Chunati village
  • Upazila Memorial Museum
  • Central Mosque
  • Gupta Landlord House (Padua)
  • Gupta Landlord House (Aduonagor)


Literacy rate of Lohagara upazila is 44.6%. male 42.40% and female 25.03%. There are 1 Kamil Madrasa, 3 Degree colleges (2 honors courses), 9 Fazil Madrasa, 1 Technical College, 1 School and College, 1 Alim Madrasa, 25 Secondary Schools, 18 Dakhil Madrasa, two Quami Madrasa, 10 Lower Secondary Schools, 105 Primary Schools, 43 Ebtedi Madrasas and 30 Kindergartens. Noted educational institutions:

  • Amirabad Janakalyan High School (1970)
  • Barahatia Malpukuria Miaskatul Ulum Madrasah (1941),
  • Darus sunnah alim madrash,
  • North M B Amirabad High School (1932),
  • Golambari High School (1937),
  • Charamba High School,
  • Lohagara Suckchuri Uzir vita High School,
  • M. H. Nurul Alam Chowdhury Ideal High School (1994),
  • Kalauzan Gorsundar High School (1945),
  • Adhunagar High School(1961),
  • Padua A.C.M. High School(1963),
  • Lohagara Shahpir Pilot High School(1966),
  • Mustafa Begum Girls High School,
  • Chunati High School,
  • B G Senerhat High School,
  • Sukchari High School (1986),
  • Kalauzan Dr. Yakub Bazlur Rahman Sikder High School,
  • Uttar Padua High School (1996),
  • Chunati Hakimia Kamil (M.A) Madrasah,
  • Amirabad Sufia Aliya Madrasah,
  • Rajghata Hossainia Azizul Uloom Madrasah,
  • Lohagara Islamia Fazil (Degree) Madrasah (1945),
  • Al-Ihsan Academy, Lohagara (1997)
  • Alhaj Mostafizur Rahman University College,
  • South Sukchari Shah Abdul Khalek Fazil (degree) Madrasa,
  • Baro Aulia University College,
  • Mostafa Begum Girls Business Management College
  • Chunati Mahila College,
  • Kalauzan Shah Rashidia Fazil(Degree)Madrasah.
  • Lohagara Ideal School & College.


Upazila health center 1, family planning Center 5, union health center 4, clinic and diagnostic center 16. Sanitary system: 49.24% of the area (53.96% in rural and 48.69% in urban) is healthier and 34.55% (33.95% in villages and 39.68% of urban households) use non-sanitary latrines. 16.22% of households do not have latrine facilities.


The main source of community income Agriculture 39.29%, non-agricultural laborer 5.40%, industry 0.82%, business 17.71%, transport and communication 3.43%, employment 14.58%, construction 1.59%, religious services 0.49 %, Rent and remittance 5.19% and other 11.50%. . Ownership of agricultural land Landowner 63.88%, landless 36.12%. 64.13% of the city and 61.74% of the rural households have agricultural land. . Main crops Paddy, Potato, Sugarcane, Chilli, Fellong. . Extinct or nearly extinct crops Stil, linseed, watermelon. . Main fruits: Kala, Papaya, Guava, Amra, Plum. . Fisheries, dairies and poultries Fishery 2322 (pond), hatchery (fishery) 22, poultry 5, poultry 139. . Industries and Factories: Rice mill, ice factory, biscuit factory, textile mill, ployd factory. . Cottage industries Goldsmith, blacksmith, potteries, stools, mesh fabric, bamboo work, wood work. . Hats and fairs: - Hats and bazars 24, fair 3 Noted among them are Dervay Hat, Tawari Hat, Khaatat Hat, Hindu Hat, Sener Hat and Manufakir Hat. . The main export is the scraping, fake, ready made garments


Notable residents[edit]

  • Bulbul Chowdhury, pioneer of modern dance in Bangladesh, was born in Chunati in 1919.[3]
  • Major Nazmul Huq, Sector Commander, 7th sector of Bangladesh Liberation War (March to August 1971), was born at Amirabad village in 1938.[4]
  • Maulana Abdul Jabbar (Rh), Pir Saheb, Baitush Sharaf
  • Maulana Shah Shahb Kebla (Rh), Pir Sahib, Chunti, Lohagara.
  • Mostaq Ahmad Chowdhury, is a former MP.
  • Barrister Hamid Hossain Azad, CEO of World Muslim Aid and European Muslim Community leader.
  • Alhaj Mostafizur Rahman,founder chairman, Mustafa Group of Industries and founder, Alhaj Mostafizur Rahman University College.
  • Mohammad Nurul Islam, chairman, Noman Group.
  • Kafi Kamal, is a renowned fictionist.
  • Nakib Khan, is an eminent singer.
  • Nasim Ali Khan, renowned singer

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