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Lohardaga Station
Indian Railway Station
Location Lohardaga, Lohardaga district, Jharkhand
Coordinates 23°26′48″N 84°42′24″E / 23.44667°N 84.70667°E / 23.44667; 84.70667Coordinates: 23°26′48″N 84°42′24″E / 23.44667°N 84.70667°E / 23.44667; 84.70667
Elevation 643 metres (2,110 ft)
Parking Available
Other information
Status Functional
Station code LAD
Zone(s) South Eastern Railway
Division(s) Ranchi Division

Lohardaga Station, station code LAD, is the railway station serving the city of Lohardaga which is the headquarters of the Lohardaga district in the Indian state of Jharkhand. Lohardaga Station belongs to the Ranchi division of the South Eastern Railway Zone of the Indian Railway.[1]


The 68 kilometres (42 mi) railway track was converted from narrow gauge (2'6") to broad gauge in 2005. The track is planned to be extended 44 km more to connect with Tori railway station in Chandwa town in Latehar district. This would reduce the railway distance between Ranchi and Delhi and the railway travel time by three hours. However the construction of a tunnel under the hill between Lohardaga and Tori has not been completed even in a decade. The track has been laid only for 14 km from Lohardaga to Barkichampi and laying of the track on the remaining 30 km running through dense forests has been delayed by terrorist activities of maoists.

Medininagar|Medininagar block


The major facilities available are Waiting rooms, retiring room, computerized reservation facility, Reservation Counter, Vehicle parking etc.[2][1] The vehicles are allowed to enter the station premises. Security personnel from the Government Railway police(G.R.P) are present for security.

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Video of Lohardaga Station in HD taken from a moving trainretrieved 28.04.2012


The platforms are interconnected with foot over bridge (FOB).


Several local passenger trains also run from Lohardaga to neighbouring destinations on frequent intervals. [3][4] /* Train

Train Name Train Number Source Destination
Ranchi Tori Passenger 08653 Ranchi Tori
Tori Ranchi Passenger 08654 Tori Ranchi
Ranchi Lohardaga Passenger 58657 Ranchi Lohardaga
Lohardaga Ranchi Passenger 58658 Lohardaga Ranchi
Ranchi Lohardaga Passenger 58653 Ranchi Lohardaga
Lohardaga Ranchi Passenger 58654 Lohardaga Ranchi
Ranchi Lohardaga Passenger 58651 Ranchi Lohardaga
Lohardaga Ranchi Passenger 58652 Lohardaga Ranchi

Nearest Airport[edit]

The nearest airport to Lohardaga Station are[5]

  1. Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi 71 kilometres (44 mi)
  2. Gaya Airport, Gaya 163 kilometres (101 mi)
  3. Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Airport, Patna 276 kilometres (171 mi)
  4. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata

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