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Lohne (Oldenburg)
Coat of arms of Lohne (Oldenburg)
Coat of arms
Lohne (Oldenburg)  is located in Germany
Lohne (Oldenburg)
Lohne (Oldenburg)
Coordinates: 52°40′0″N 08°14′19″E / 52.66667°N 8.23861°E / 52.66667; 8.23861Coordinates: 52°40′0″N 08°14′19″E / 52.66667°N 8.23861°E / 52.66667; 8.23861
Country Germany
State Lower Saxony
District Vechta
 • Mayor Tobias Gerdesmeyer (CDU)
 • Total 90.78 km2 (35.05 sq mi)
Elevation 44 m (144 ft)
Population (2015-12-31)[1]
 • Total 26,060
 • Density 290/km2 (740/sq mi)
Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Postal codes 49393
Dialling codes 04442
Vehicle registration VEC
Website www.lohne.de

Lohne (Oldenburg) is a town in the district of Vechta, in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is situated approximately 8 km south-west of Vechta. The town lies on the A1 freeway between Bremen and Osnabrück.


As an industrial town in the Oldenburger Münsterland, Lohne (Oldenburg) is particularly well known for its plastics industry.

A famous company is Pöppelmann.

Population development[edit]

1933 7.611 resident
1939 8.254 resident
1950 11.993 resident
1977 18.211 resident
1980 19.194 resident
1990 20.219 resident
2005 26.053 resident
2008 26.499 resident
2013 27.127 resident
2016 28.157 resident
2017 28.513 resident

Notable places[edit]

  • Lohne Museum of Industry (opened in March 2000)
  • St.-Gertrud-Church with impressive high altar
  • St.-Anna-Klus (pilgrimage church) with healing spring
  • „Patoratsmühle“ (historical water mill at the city park)[2]
  • Windmill „Elbers Mühle“[3]
  • Outlook tower at the forest park[4]
  • Moated castle Hopen
  • Urban Villas (Villa Clodius, Villa Taphorn, Villa Trenkamp, Villa Trenkamp and Bohmann, Haus Uptmoor)


City council[edit]

CDU 22 seats
SPD 6 seats
AFD 1 seats
Ratsgruppe LOHNER 2 seat
Buendnis90/Die Gruenen 2 seat
Die Linke 1 seat
Independent 1 seat

(as of 11. November 2016)

By german law, cities between 25.001 and 30.000 Citizen must have 36 town councils (german Stadträte). Lohne has only 35. The party AFD won 2 seats for the city council, but only one candidate on their ticket. The 2nd seat was withdrawn. The legislative period will take 5 years.


Mayor Tobias Gerdesmeyer

In 2011, Tobias Gerdesmeyer was elected as mayor (CDU). He was common representative for the mayor (2008-2011) before he suceeded Hans Georg Niesel (mayor 2001-2011) as mayor.

Coat of arms[edit]

By the 3. Januar 1912 the Grand duke of Oldenburg granted the Coat of arms. The shield is divided into four quarters (party per quarterly). The upper left quarter shows gold and red fesses, the lower right quarter shows a golden cross on blue ground. They are the same as in the Coat of arms of the Grand duke. The upper right quarter shows a church on white ground. It displays the modest character of Lohne in union with the Catholic Church. The lower left square shows a wing on a crown. The crown is symbolic of wage and price of the bourgeois actifity (Lohn und Preis der bürgerlichen Regsamkeit). The wing is symbolic of the significant feather industrie in Lohne in the early 19th century.


  • Bokern
  • Brägel
  • Brettberg
  • Brockdorf
  • Hamberg
  • Hopen
  • Krimpenfort
  • Kroge-Ehrendorf
  • Lerchental
  • Lohnerwiesen
  • Märschendorf
  • Meyerfelde
  • Moorkamp
  • Mühlenkamp
  • Nordlohne
  • Rießel
  • Schellohne
  • Südlohne
  • Voßberg
  • Vulhop
  • Wichel
  • Zentrum
  • Zerhusen


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