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Regions with significant populations
Lohorung language
Hinduism, Buddhism
Lohorung women in traditional costume at Kathmandu, Nepal
A Lohorung girl at Kathmandu

Lohorung are a janajati or ethnic native people of eastern Nepal.[1][2] The Lohorung homeland is Sankhuwasabha district in the northern part of the Arun watershed, a tributary to the Koshi. At present they are found in eight other districts of Nepal: Ilam, Jhapa, Sunsari, Morang, Dhankuta, Terhathum, Lalitpur and Kathmandu. They also live in northeastern states of India: Darjeeling and Kalimpong in West Bengal, Sikkim and Assam, and even Bhutan, Australia, United Kingdom and United States.

The Lohorung language belongs to the Kiranti group of Sino-Tibetan languages. Lohorung Yakhkhaba Yuyong is a non-profit organization advocating for the Lohorung community. It is based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The main festivals of Lohorung are Nwagi and Ikksammang.

Lohorung language[edit]

cham food, rice
khen curry
yap-me people
pop-paa grandfather
mapma grandmother
Appa Father
Aama mother
nana elder sister
simmaa little sister
Themaa Aunt elder to dad
Thebaa Uncle Elder to Dad
Babbang Uncle younger to Dad
Bubu Elder Brother
Nusa Younger Brother
Ikssaba solti
Iksama soltini
Yessa / Yessama Brothers children Son/ Daughter
Kwaang Mother's Brother
sag-chang money
chang-chera cloths
yowaa water
mii fire
khoray Cup
khapmee flour
bangay Millet
Thiee locally brew wine
saa meat

The different branch of Lohorung people[edit]

  1. Khaisong
  2. Chang-kha me
  3. Seppa
  4. Dingguwa
  5. Yangkhurung
  6. Lamsong
  7. Dekhim
  8. Biwa
  9. Biksik
  10. Lumben
  11. ketra
  12. yamphu
  13. Mikchereng

List of Lohorung villages[edit]

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