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Not to be confused with the (la) Loire, a much bigger French river.
The Loir in Lavardin
Native name Le Loir
Main source Perche
Source elevation 150 m (490 ft)
River mouth Sarthe
47°33′27″N 0°31′35″W / 47.55750°N 0.52639°W / 47.55750; -0.52639 (Sarthe-Loir)Coordinates: 47°33′27″N 0°31′35″W / 47.55750°N 0.52639°W / 47.55750; -0.52639 (Sarthe-Loir)
Size 8,270 km2 (3,190 sq mi)
Country France
Length 317 km (197 mi)
  • Average rate:

The Loir is a river in western France. It is a left tributary of the Sarthe. Its source is in the Eure-et-Loir département, north of Illiers-Combray. It joins the river Sarthe in Briollay, north of the city Angers.

It is indirectly a tributary of the Loire, and runs roughly parallel to it and slightly north of it for much of its length, and so might be regarded as a Yazoo type river.[citation needed]

Departments and towns crossed include[edit]

Tributaries include[edit]