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Loire Cotler (born Lori Beth Cotler) is a Rhythm Vocalist, arranger, composer, recording artist, educator and certified Music Therapist known for her outstanding Konnakol, Scat singing and original world jazz standard interpretations. Born in New York City and raised in Roslyn Estates, New York, she began studying piano at age six and began writing songs at 11. Loire (named after the Loire river, the longest river in France) is a nickname given to her by her closest friend who she has known since birth. Loire started to use her nickname as her artist name in 2013.


Loire attended a gifted magnet school for the performing arts called Long Island High School for the Arts and was chosen as honorary speaker and performer at the graduation ceremony. She went on to earn a Bachelor's degree of Music from Berklee College of Music in Boston, followed by a Master's Degree in Music Therapy from New York University.

During her teens her Jazz mentor Dave Burns introduced Loire to scat singing, similar to Konnakol, scat demands the vocal reproduction of complex and often up-tempo instrumental material. Other important teachers include, Piano and Harpsichord virtuoso Barbara Kupferberg and Jazz Vocalists Bob Stoloff, Mili Bermajo, and Dominique Eade.

She attributes much of her rhythmic approach and Konnakol studies to her collaboration (2002–present) with composer and four-time Grammy winner Glen Velez.[1] She has also studied Konnakol with Ghatam and Konnakol master Subash Chandran and Vinod (VR) Venkataram.

She conducts master classes and workshops at The Juilliard School[2] and other prestigious conservatories and universities around the World.[3]

Artist Collaborations[edit]

Music Therapy[edit]

Loire was a Professor of Music Therapy at The New School (2001–2007) and worked extensively in clinics and hospitals around New York City with populations as Adult Psychiatry, Foster Children/At-Risk Teens, Autism and Brain Injuries. Her Music Therapy expertise has greatly influenced her approach to the voice. Loire continues to lend her talents to supporting Music Therapy charities and has been actively collaborating with Sounding Joy Music Therapy, Inc.[8]

Featured Soloist[edit]

Loire has been the featured soloist in THE NEWS: a reality opera by avant-pop composer JacobTV,[9] and she is credited for composing vocal parts for the arias Stock Market, Bounce or Decline and Lamento. All of her performances have received rave reviews, Including the Netherlands Wind Ensemble De Volkskrant[10] and NRC Handelsblad.[11] She maintains an active touring schedule with Glen Velez and is also a core member of MEDIEVAL MANTRA[12] with Nina Stern and Glen Velez and Glen Velez Handance Ensemble with Shane Shanahan and Yousif Sheronick. Loire frequently collaborates with composer and multimedia artist Milica Paranosic. In December 2017 Loire was discovered by renowned vocalist and vocal contractor Edie Lehmann Boddicker and Academy Award-winning film composer Hans Zimmer, which led to her featured work on X-Men Dark Phoenix (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) and Xperiments from Dark Phoenix by Hans Zimmer and composers Steve Mazarro, Dave Fleming and Andy Page [4].

Rhythm Vocalist[edit]

"Rhythm Vocalist" is a term Glen Velez coined in 2003 to describe her signature performance style. It primarily involves her original rhythmic approach to the voice using hybrid vocal techniques combining wordless improvisations, scat singing and konnakol as a performance role in musical settings. She cites her mentor and husband Glen Velez and his "Glen Velez Handance Method" as a primary influence on her rhythmic approach. Loire's debut solo recording 18 Wings includes selections from The Great American Songbook and features her signature rhythm vocalist style, while highlighting her more traditional lyrical jazz singing.



  • 2019 - Bye Bye Blackbird (18 Wings) - Single
  • 2019 - In Walked Bud (Sky Path) - Single
  • 2016 - Instants of Time by Enrique Haneine
  • 2013 - (single release) Cucurrucucú Paloma
  • 2010 - "Herria" (Elkar/Warner Bros.) Kepa Junkera; Lori Cotler featured on "Markesaran Alaba"[13]
  • 2009 - "Breathing Rhythms Duo" (Daftof Records); Glen Velez and Lori Cotler
  • 2008 - "Rhythms of the Chakras Vol. 2" Glen Velez (SoundsTrue)
  • 2006 - "Hiri" (Elkar) Kepa Junkera; Lori Cotler featured on "Tatihou"[14]
  • 2005 - "Rhythms of Awakening" Glen Velez (SoundsTrue)
  • 2003 - "Elephant Hotel"(hyperlink: http://glenvelez.com/shop/music/) (Daftof Records); Glen Velez and Lori Cotler
  • 2003 - AfroMantra "Alignment" (Mambo Maniacs Record) Lori Cotler is featured on "Transparencias" (composer, Alex Garcia)
  • 1991 - Kizmit - (Unreleased EP) Original songs composed by Loire Cotler in High School.

Dance Scores[edit]

  • 2012–present: "Whirlwind" (Glen Velez) performances with Nai-Ni Chen Dance
  • 2009–present: "Mirage" performances with Nai-Ni Chen Dance
  • 2007–present: "Trilogy" (Glen Velez) performances with Bridgman/Packer Dance
  • 2003-2011: Mimi Garrard VideoDances - featured vocalist on dance scores by Glen Velez.
  • 2004: Rain (Glen Velez) performances with Buglisi Dance Theater


  • 2015 - Raw Spirit Fragrances[15]
  • 2009 - Tiffany & CO[16]
  • 2005 - Frangelico USA Rope TV Advert[17]
  • 2004 - CVS Extra Care (Robert Miller, RMI)[18]


  • 2019 - Xperiments from Dark Phoenix by Hans Zimmer
  • 2019 - X-Men Dark Phoenix (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer
  • 2009 - Documentary "Renewing Creativity: Renewing American Culture - The Pursuit of Happiness"[19]
  • 2005 - Why We Fight (Film by Eugene Jarecki; Composer, Robert Miller[20])
  • 2001 - In an Instant (Film by Bruce Ashley; Music by Lori Cotler, Nik Leman)

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