Loiret (river)

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Loiret river DSC02530.jpg
The Loiret near Olivet, south of Orléans
Country France
Basin features
Main source 47°51′01″N 1°56′14″E / 47.8504°N 1.9372°E / 47.8504; 1.9372
River mouth Loire
47°51′52″N 1°48′02″E / 47.8644°N 1.8005°E / 47.8644; 1.8005Coordinates: 47°51′52″N 1°48′02″E / 47.8644°N 1.8005°E / 47.8644; 1.8005
Progression LoireAtlantic Ocean
Physical characteristics
Length 11.6 km (7.2 mi)

The Loiret is a 11.6-kilometre (7.2 mi) long river in France, a left tributary to the Loire River.[1] Its waters come from infiltrations from the Loire.

Its course is completely within the Loiret département, to which it gives its name.

The Loiret, south of Orléans, with its picturesque former mills, is a popular destination for walking and boating trips. The source of the Loiret is in Orléans-la-Source, and its mouth in Saint-Hilaire-Saint-Mesmin, southwest of Orléans.