Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (season 1)

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Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (season 1)
Lois & Clark-The New Adventures of Superman S1.jpg
DVD cover
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 21
Original network ABC
Original release September 12, 1993 (1993-09-12) – May 8, 1994 (1994-05-08)
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List of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman episodes

The first season of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman originally aired between September 12, 1993 and May 8, 1994, beginning with "Pilot".

The series loosely follows the comic philosophy of writer John Byrne, with Clark Kent as the true personality, and Superman as a secondary disguise. As the show's title suggests, it focuses as much on the relationship between Clark Kent and Lois Lane as on the adventures of Clark's alter-ego.[1] The central characters in season one are Dean Cain as Clark Kent/Superman, Teri Hatcher as Lois Lane, Lane Smith as Perry White, Eddie Jones as Jonathan Kent, K Callan as Martha Kent, Michael Landes as Jimmy Olsen, Tracy Scoggins as Catherine "Cat" Grant and John Shea as Lex Luthor.

The first season was a moderate success, garnering the cast, especially Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain, critical praise for their performances.[2] Lane Smith was a huge success, breathing life and humor into the Daily Planet editor-in-chief Perry White. John Shea also met with rave reviews over his portrayal of Lex Luthor. Michael Landes' modern-day take on the Jimmy Olsen character gained a cult following, as did Tracy Scoggins' comedic take on Cat Grant, a more recent addition to the Superman mythos at the time. Lex Luthor was killed off in the season finale, after a falling-out between Shea and the producers over the actor's strenuous commute between New York and Los Angeles. No longer a regular cast member, he only reappeared sporadically; once in season two, twice in season three, and once in season four.[3]


No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date [4][5]U.S. viewers
11"Pilot"Robert ButlerDeborah Joy LeVineSeptember 12, 1993 (1993-09-12)18.3[6]

Clark arrives in Metropolis and goes to Daily Planet for a job interview. Perry dismisses him because he has no experience but when Clark comes back with the story about a theater being torn down that Lois rejected, Perry hires him. In the meantime, Lois wants to uncover a possible conspiracy behind a space ship launch that might blow-up and Perry gives her the story only if she teams up with Clark. Lois does not want to but not having a choice, she accepts. The two of them try to talk to Dr. Samuel Platt (Kenneth Tigar) but before they gather information, Platt is murdered and the murderer makes it look like a suicide. Lois and Clark also try to reach Dr. Antoinette Baines (Kim Johnston Ulrich) but she claims that Dr. Platt is not to be trusted and that there is nothing wrong with the space ship. It is later revealed that Dr. Baines works with Luthor and they want to sabotage the launch in their benefit. Lois does not believe what Dr. Baines told them and she goes back later to check on her own along with Jimmy. Dr. Baines captures them and ties them up while Clark comes searching for them. He wants to use his powers to save them but he cannot do it and Dr. Baines captures him too. Dr. Baines sets up an accident where the three of them will be killed but Clark releases himself and saves Lois and Jimmy. When they get out they witness Dr. Baines' helicopter exploding killing her, while it is revealed that Luthor is the one who trapped the helicopter. After Dr. Baines' death, everyone believes that the space ship is safe and they get ready to launch. Lois sneaks inside the ship while Clark visits his parents frustrated that he cannot use his powers to help others. He asks Martha to make him a costume so he will be able to be himself and for people to not recognize him. Clark, Martha and Jonathan watch live the launch but when they see that something is wrong, Clark flies back to Metropolis to help. He arrives as Superman and finds Lois inside the ship trying to disarm a bomb. He takes the bomb and swallows it in front of a shocked Lois. After that, he helps with the ship launch and makes the news where everyone calls him Superman. Lois is excited with Superman while Superman visits Luthor to let him know that he knows who he really is and that he was behind everything. He vows to see Luthor face justice one day, while Luthor simply responds "As they say, let the games begin."

Note: Two hour episode.
22"Strange Visitor (From Another Planet)"Randall ZiskBryce ZabelSeptember 26, 1993 (1993-09-26)16.3[7]
Jason Trask (Terence Knox), a man who claims that he works for the government, bursts into Daily Planet and wants to interrogate Lois and Clark about Superman. During the interrogation, Trask does not find any of the information he wants and leaves. Later, Perry finds out that the warrant Trask used was fake and Lois and Clark start to investigate about Trask. They reach a man who works for the government named George Thompson (Joseph Campanella) but Thompson denies that he knows anything about Trask. Lois follows him to a secret warehouse and when Thompson is found dead, Lois returns to the warehouse with Clark. They find out different alien objects that seem to be connected to Superman, including a spaceship and a ball that shines when Clark touches it. Trask finds them in the warehouse and captures them. He is determined to find and kill Superman and to do that, he uses them as bait by throwing them out of a plane. Superman saves Lois, Trask tries to kill him but fails and then Trask disappears. Lois and Clark return to the warehouse with Perry and the police but the warehouse is now empty.
33"Neverending Battle"Gene ReynoldsDaniel LevineOctober 3, 1993 (1993-10-03)16.4[8]
Perry wants to know everything about Superman so the Daily Planet will have an exclusive story about him. Lois becomes obsessed with Superman and tries everything to be the one who will have the story. When she steals a story from Clark and later Jimmy's idea of how she can find Superman, Clark decides to teach her a lesson and sends her a misleading letter to where Superman's spaceship is. In the meantime, Lex Luthor wants to know how strong and fast Superman is and he makes some tests for him. Clark puts the pieces together and goes to Luthor to tell him to stop those tests. When Luthor tells him that he cannot be at two places at the same time and as long as Superman is in Metropolis, people will be in danger. That makes Clark to not want to be Superman anymore but a conversation with Lois makes him change his mind and he brings Superman back. Meanwhile, Clark moves into his new apartment.
44"I'm Looking Through You"Mark SobelDeborah Joy LeVineOctober 10, 1993 (1993-10-10)19.3[9]
A scientist named Alan Morris (Leslie Jordan) invents a suit that makes him invisible. He uses the suit to steal from the rich and give to the poor as another modern Robin Hood. When thieves steal his back up suits and start using them to rob gold from banks, Alan goes to Lois and Clark explaining his actions and asking for their help to find the criminals who stole his suits. Working together, they manage to stop the bank robbers and hand them over to the police. In the meantime, Clark feels overwhelmed by how the people of Metropolis welcome Superman and he even gets nightmares about it. People sell different items with his logo on them and the Mayor also gives him the key of the city. Even Lois behavior makes Clark feel invisible to her next to Superman and he does not know what to do and how to handle it.
55"Requiem for a Super Hero"Randall ZiskRobert KillbrewOctober 17, 1993 (1993-10-17)19.0[10]
Lois and Clark cover a story about boxing fighters who seem to be stronger than an average normal human. Lois meets a family friend, Allie Dinello (John LaMotta), and asks for information but he declines to say anything. When later calls Lois and asks her to meet him, Lois gets there but Allie is murdered before he talks to her. Lois and Clark's investigation leads them to Lois' father, Dr. Sam Lane (Denis Arndt), who works in the sports medicine and to discover that the fighters are in reality cyborgs. Sam decides to help Lois when he finds out that his other partner Max (Matt Roe) is the one who killed Allie. In the meantime, it is revealed that Max works for Lex Luthor, who wants to build an "army of Supermans". Max kidnaps Lois and while Superman fights two cyborgs, Lex gets the opportunity to "save her life" by killing Max, something that Lois appreciates. Lois and Clark write the story revealing the truth about the fighters and what was really going on.
66"I've Got a Crush on You"Gene ReynoldsThania St. JohnOctober 24, 1993 (1993-10-24)17.4[11]
A group of arsonists sets local nightclubs on fire and Lois decides to go undercover at a club to investigate what is going on. Clark follows her steps and gets a job at the club as a bartender, also undercover. Johnny Taylor (Michael Milhoan) is the owner of the club but his sister Toni (Jessica Tuck) disagrees with the way he runs the organization and takes over after the club is attacked by the arsonists. Lex Luthor visits the club to meet with Toni and sees Lois singing on stage. Toni finds Lois and Clark hiding in the storage and Clark, to save at least his undercover, outs Lois. Lois loses her job at the club but she follows Toni and finds out that she is the one who is behind the arsonists. She asks them to stop now that she is running the club but the arsonists capture her and they keep their job. Superman manages to stop them while it is revealed that Lex also benefited from the arsonists as he was able to buy the land he wanted to build the "Lex Harbor" at a low price.
77"Smart Kids"Robert SingerDaniel LevineOctober 31, 1993 (1993-10-31)17.6[12]
Four children, who seem to be very smart for their age, escape from the orphanage and they take over the city by appearing on TV and controlling everything. Back in the orphanage, a scientist named Dr. Carlton (Michael Cavanaugh) is looking for them. Lois and Clark try to find out where the kids are and why they are so smart. When one of them, Amy (Courtney Peldon), goes back to orphanage to get her sister, she is captured and Lois becomes her temporary foster parent. Amy tells Lois about a portion that Dr. Carlton was giving them to make them smart but if you stop using it, you become dumb again. In the meantime, the rest of the kids find out that Clark is Superman but Clark manages to fool them that he is not. Later it is revealed that Lex works with Carlton but when the two of them disagree, Lex gives Carlton the new portion that, instead of making you smarter, it burns your brain. Lois and Clark convince Amy that her friends are in danger and she leads them to their hideout. They manage to convince all the kids that being a normal kid is the right way to live their childhood until becoming an adult and they all return to the orphanage where they are safe again.
88"The Green, Green Glow of Home"Les LandauBryce ZabelNovember 14, 1993 (1993-11-14)15.2[13]
Wayne Irig (Jerry Hardin), a neighbor of the Kents, finds a piece of a meteorite and sends a sample to the laboratory for examination. A week later, a government agency takes over his farm saying that they have to investigate about environmental violations. Wayne knows that they are looking for the meteorite and he gives it to Martha and Jonathan to hide it. Perry sends Lois and Clark to Smallville to investigate this EPA report. Jonathan shows Clark the meteorite and they find out that it affects Clark and makes him weak. While investigating, Lois and Clark realize that Wayne has disappeared and they know that something is wrong. They get caught only to find out that Trask (Terence Knox) is behind everything and is looking for the meteorite to kill Superman. Trask kidnaps Clark's parents and threatens to kill them if Clark will not tell him where Superman is. Clark admits that he is Superman but since he does not have his powers, Trask does not believe him. Clark gets his powers back and saves his parents. Trask sees it and he uses the meteorite to kill him but Clark manages to destroy it. The two of them fight and Trask gets killed by the Sheriff (Joleen Lutz). Lois writes the story and names the meteorite kryptonite.
99"The Man of Steel Bars"Robert ButlerParis QuallesNovember 21, 1993 (1993-11-21)18.6[13]

A heat wave in the winter causes the citizens of Metropolis to blame Superman's powers for their troubles after some scientists theorize that his drawing on the sun's powers is what caused it. Superman promises at first to stop using his powers till things get cleaned up but when some people's lives are in danger, he breaks his promise and he gets arrested. He later promises to leave town as all things seem to suggest that he is indeed the cause of the heat wave leaving Lois behind to discover the truth about what is going on. Lois manages to discover that a factory of Lex Luthor is behind the heat wave since it is emitting a lot of heat and asks Superman to return to town to help them stop it.

Special Guest Star: Sonny Bono as Mayor Frank Berkowitz.
1010"Pheromone, My Lovely"Bill D'EliaDeborah Joy LeVineNovember 28, 1993 (1993-11-28)20.0[14]
Lex Luthor cuts the funding of Miranda's (Morgan Fairchild) research, a chemist who is in love with him and they were ex-lovers. To prove to Lex that he was wrong and her research is valid, she uses her new perfume formula and sprays the staff of the Daily Planet that includes a chemical that removes all the sexual inhibition. Everyone in the Daily Planet start acting weird and crazy in love but Clark is not affected by the chemical. With Lois hitting on him, Clark tries to find out what caused this madness. When the effect of the chemical wears off, Lois and Clark discover that the perfume Miranda sprayed them with contains specific pheromones which lead them to act the way they did. In the meantime, Miranda plans to spray the whole town with an advanced formula of the perfume that will cause permanent damage to people. Lex who believes Miranda will carry out her threat, asks Superman's help to stop her before it is too late. Superman manages to stop Miranda in time.
1111"Honeymoon in Metropolis"James A. ContnerDaniel LevineDecember 12, 1993 (1993-12-12)16.9[15]
Lois decides to take a weekend off from work and books the honeymoon suite at a luxurious hotel to relax. While staying there, she witnesses Congressman Ian Harrington (Charles Frank) possibly making a dirty deal across the street about a top secret government project named "Shock Wave" with arms dealer Thaddeus Roarke (Charles Cyphers). She takes some photos of the men exchanging money and when she returns to Daily Planet she asks Perry to let her go back to investigate the subject. Perry agrees but decides to send both, Lois and Clark, undercover as a newly wed couple to stay at the suite and spy on the two men. Lois and Clark experience how it is like to live with someone else while at the same time they discover that Roarke plans to sabotage a weapon test of the navy endangering the lives of millions of people. Superman manages to stop the disaster and saves Metropolis. Roarke is arrested and Congressman Harrington claims to have set up the sting operation to put him behind bars.
1212"All Shook Up"Felix Enriquez AlcalaBryce Zabel and Jackson GillisJanuary 2, 1994 (1994-01-02)18.9[16]

An asteroid heads toward Earth and the government asks for Superman's help to stop it. Superman flies into space and impacts with it making it smaller but the impact also causes him to lose his memory. He flies back to Earth but he does not remember who he is and that he is Superman. Lois tries to help Clark remember while everyone is looking for Superman not knowing if he survived the impact with the asteroid. Martha and Jonathan also arrive in Metropolis and try to help Clark regain his memory so that he can become Superman again and stop the fragment of the asteroid that is still heading to Earth. After several attempts, Clark manages to remember and flies into space once again to stop the asteroid, this time fully succeeding, thus saving the Earth.

Note: This is a remake of a classic Adventures of Superman episode, "Panic in the Sky".
1313"Witness"Mel DamskiBradley MooreJanuary 9, 1994 (1994-01-09)19.1[17]
Lois interviews an eccentric scientist, Vincent Winninger (Elliott Gould), and while at the interview she witnesses his murder and also learns about a conspiracy that will destroy the environment. When she publishes the story, Lois becomes a target for the people who murdered Winninger since they have to eliminate everyone who knows. Perry and Clark try to protect Lois from the killer while they all work together to find out who is behind the murder. When they find out that the murderer is Sebastian Finn (William Mesnik), aka Mr. Makeup, who can transform into anyone he wants, Lois is scared more than ever. With the help of Superman, they manage to find Finn and arrest him, as well as Barbara Trevino (Claudette Nevins), the women who asked Finn to kill Winninger and also tried to kill Lois after Finn's arrest.
1414"Illusions of Grandeur"Michael W. WatkinsThania St. JohnJanuary 23, 1994 (1994-01-23)22.3[18]
A kid named Nick (Jarrett Lennon) gets kidnapped and when his mother Rose (Eve Plumb) reaches out to Lois and Clark for help, the two of them start to investigate all the recent kidnappings of children. The way Nick was kidnapped - through a magic box decorated with moons and stars - leads them to a magic club where they meet the magician Andre Novak (Ben Vereen). While they are trying to find clues to connect Novak to the kidnappings, Superman confronts the kidnapper himself during the exchange of money for Nick, but the kidnapper hypnotizes him into thinking that "wrong is right" and Superman starts doing weird things everytime he hears the phrase "moon and stars". Eventually, Lois finds Nick and when Superman arrives for help, they discover that behind the kidnappings is Constance (Marietta DePrima), the assistant of Darrin Romick (Penn Jillette), another magician who works with Novak. Constance not only is responsible for the kidnappings and for hypnotizing Superman, but she also hypnotized Romick into killing Novak. Superman manages to fight the hypnosis, saves everyone and Constance gets arrested.
1515"The Ides of Metropolis"Philip SgricciaDeborah Joy LeVineFebruary 6, 1994 (1994-02-06)17.7[19]
Lois follows a trial about a possible killer, Eugene Laderman (Todd Susman), who she believes is innocent despite being convicted of killing Henry Harrison (Paul Gleason), the husband of Eugene's lover, Lena (Jennifer Savidge). Eugene escapes and hides at Lois' apartment while Lois tries to prove his innocence. Lois and Clark's investigation leads them to discover that Lean is acting strange for someone who grieves her husband and lover's conviction while at the same time, a virus called "The Ides of Metropolis" that Henry was working on, takes over all the computers of the country. Eugene is the only one who can find the antidote to it and with the help of Superman, they manage to stop the virus before it is too late. While Superman and Eugene work for the antidote, Lois and Detective Reed (Melanie Mayron) find out that Henry is not dead and along with Lena are behind the virus. When everything is done, Reed arrests Henry and Lena. In the meantime, Jonathan arrives at Clark's house after fighting with Martha because he believes that Martha is having an affair.
1616"The Foundling"Bill D'EliaDaniel LevineFebruary 20, 1994 (1994-02-20)19.2[20]

Clark discovers that the globe he had found on his spaceship (Strange Visitor (From Another Planet)) is a projector of messages from his biological father Jor-El (David Warner) who tries to explain him, in five different messages, why he and his mother, Lara (Eliza Roberts), had to send him to Earth and find out the truth about Clark's heritage and his birth name is Kal-El. Clark only manages to see the first message before a teenage thief named Jack (Chris Demetral), found Clark's stuff in a garbage dump and then sells it to two strangers who are not other than Lex Luthor and his assistant and told him the globe has something do with Superman. Clark tries to find and take the globe back and manages to locate Jack with the help of a Lois' friend named Louie (Robert Costanzo). While Lex Luther is seeing the messages on the globe, Clark is also seeing them, but from a different location. While trying to find out who bought the globe, Lois is upset with him because he lied to her about Superman's globe. At the end, Superman finds the globe but he is not able to find out who bought it, Clark learns that he wasn't abandoned by Jor-El and Lara. He also learns that they're planet Krypton was being destroyed and it was too late save everyone on Krypton and themselves but one person they could save was Clark and he was saved by them when Krypton was destroyed, Clark helps Jack to get a job at Daily Planet and into a foster home and got Jack's brother Denny into a good foster home and Lois forgives Clark for lying to her since if she had found the globe she would do exactly what Clark did; hide it and not tell anyone about it. Learning that Superman arrived to Earth as an infant, Luthor realizes that his enemy then was found and raised somewhere in the United States, and thus has a secret identity. He is determined to discover it in hopes to make Superman and his loved ones' lives difficult.

First Appearance: Chris Demetral as Jack.
1717"The Rival"Michael W. WatkinsTony Blake and Paul JacksonFebruary 27, 1994 (1994-02-27)19.8[21]

An old rival of Lois, Linda King (Nancy Everhard), arrives in town to work for Metropolis Star and Preston Carpenter (Dean Stockwell) and she seems to be getting all the scoops giving her newspaper the exclusive titles. Lois is furious with Linda due to their history and her getting the scoops and hitting on Clark does not help the situation. This gets worse when Clark leaves the Daily Planet to be partnered with Linda and work for the Metropolis Star. The truth though is that Linda being at the right place at the right moment to get all the scoops made Clark suspicious and after talking to Perry they decided for him to work undercover at Metropolis Star. Lois finds out and now she works with Clark discovering that the accidents are not accidents and Preston is staging them so his newspaper has all the exclusives. They talk to Linda who helps them find proof of what they claim and with Superman's help, Preston gets arrested.

Cameo Appearance: Bo Jackson as himself.
1818"Vatman"Randall ZiskDeborah Joy LeVineMarch 13, 1994 (1994-03-13)19.7[22]
Superman saves a crippled jet in Paris while Clark is at Daily Planet and watches the event on TV in shock. He has no idea who that new Superman is and tries to find him and talk to him but it is not easy. Clark wonders if he has a twin brother but in reality the new Superman is a clone that Lex Luthor created to kill Superman. Lois comes closer to the clone but being so close makes her realize that this guy is not the Superman she knows since he is acting weird. Clark manages to talk to the clone and the only thing he can learn is that the clone believes that they are enemies and his "father" told him to stay away from him. When Superman starts asking questions about the clone's childhood, it makes the clone start wondering if his "father" has been lying to him. The clone asks Luthor about it but he is not getting any answers, only that he has to kill Superman the soonest as possible. The clone overhears that he is dying and that is why Luthor wants him to kill Superman sooner than they thought. The clone and Superman confront each other but the last moment, the clone confesses the truth to Superman without telling him though who created him. Before he dies, the clone gets the lock of hair that Luthor used to clone the real Superman and takes it to Superman to destroy it so no one can clone him again.
1919"Fly Hard"Philip SgricciaThania St. JohnMarch 27, 1994 (1994-03-27)17.0[23]

Clark, Perry, Jimmy and Jack (Chris Demetral) are at the Daily Planet on a Saturday afternoon; Perry and Jimmy try to clean up Perry's office while Jack waits for Clark to finish a story and go to the cinema. Soon, Lois and Lex arrive because Lois wanted to make a last minute change to her article before they headed out. All of them get trapped and are held as hostages when a group of criminals burst into the Daily Planet. While Jimmy manages to escape since the criminals did not see him and tries to get some help, the rest of the hostages try to understand what the criminals want. Clark finds it difficult to use his powers because he is afraid that he will reveal himself and also put everyone in danger. With Lois' help they find out that the criminals are looking for the secret vault of Prohibition-era racketeer Dragonetti. The criminals have a secret boss who also gave them the information about the vault and it is revealed later that the secret boss is Willie (Macon McCalman) he wasn't a killer or a monster and he didn't want to hurt anyone. The reason why he wants Dragonetti's vault is because Dragonetti framed him for a crime. The vault was to exonerate him of the charges and he made a deal with the criminals to find it. He didn't want anyone to get hurt and said "no guns", being the security guard of the building. When the vault is found, the criminals turn against Willie as well and attempt to run away with it but Clark finds a way to use his powers without others noticing it and the criminals get arrested and Willie is cleared of charges.

Last Appearance: Tracy Scoggins as Cat Grant.
2020"Barbarians at the Planet"James BagdonasDaniel Levine and Deborah Joy LeVineMay 1, 1994 (1994-05-01)13.8[24]
Lex proposes to Lois who is surprised and asks him some time to answer. Lex, to force Lois to accept his proposal, buys the Daily Planet to "save" it from closing but things do not get better. When Lex hires a young man named Chip to be Perry's boss, Perry leaves the newspaper. Later on, a planted bomb by Lex that seems to be detonated by Jack (Chris Demetral), destroys the newspaper completely and Jack ends up in jail as a scapegoat who was framed by Lex and Mrs Cox. Lex claims that is impossible to rebuild the newspaper and offers Lois a job on television which she accepts. Perry decides to retire while Clark and Jimmy have no jobs. In the meantime, Lois tells Clark about Lex's proposal, something that makes him furious especially since Lois is thinking about it and did not say no to him. Clark, in an attempt to stop Lois from marrying Lex, confesses his love to her and tries to make her see that Lex is not who he seems to be. Lois tells him that she loves him too but as a friend and later on confesses her love to Superman. When Superman makes it clear that the two of them will never be together, Lois accepts Lex's proposal.
2121"The House of Luthor"Alan J. LeviDaniel LevineMay 8, 1994 (1994-05-08)17.0[25]

Lois is preparing for her wedding to Lex while Clark, Perry, Jimmy and Jack (who broke out of prison) try to discover who is really behind the bombing of the Daily Planet. All their clues lead them to Lex but they do not have any proof about it yet and they try to find everything they need to legally accuse him. But they found enough evidence to put Lex behind bars and Jack is cleared of charges. In the meantime, Lex finds the last piece of kryptonite and manages to trap Superman in a cage while his wedding with Lois is about to start. Lois decides in the last minute that she can not marry Lex while Perry arrives with the police to stop the wedding and Lex to be arrested and so is Mrs Cox who is already arrested. Lex runs away but having no way to escape, he prefers to jump off of the highest building of Metropolis than going to jail, committing suicide. Superman, who managed to escape the kryptonited cage, tries to fly to save Lex but his powers are not back and he can not do it. Franklin Stern (James Earl Jones) decides to rethink Perry's proposal to buy Daily Planet and rebuild it putting everything back on track. At the end of the episode, Lois is determined to confess her love to Clark but Clark talks first telling her that he was lying when he told her that he loves her more than just a friend and he only did it to stop her from marrying Lex.

Notes: Lois' mother Ellen Lane is portrayed by Phyllis Coates, who portrayed Lois in the 1951 film Superman and the Mole Men, and during Season 1 of the Adventures of Superman television series.

Last Appearance: Michael Landes as Jimmy Olsen and Chris Demetral as Jack.

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