Lois Bourne

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Lois Bourne
Lois Bourne.JPG
Lois Bourne in 2010.
Religion Wicca
Sect Gardnerian Wicca
Temple Bricket Wood coven
Other names Tanith
Nationality British
Home town Hertfordshire
Died December 22, 2017
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Senior posting
Title high priestess

Lois Bourne who also goes under the craft name Tanith, is an influential figure in the Neopagan religion of Wicca, having been involved in it from the early 1960s, and has written a number of books on the subject. Originally initiated into Gardnerian Wicca by Gerald Gardner, she rose to become the high priestess of the Bricket Wood coven, the first Wiccan coven started by Gerald Gardner, which was based in Bricket Wood in Hertfordshire, working alongside the high priest Jack Bracelin.

Lois Bourne, aged eighty-nine, died in Watford General Hospital Friday night, 22nd December 2017.