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Lois E. Delander
Miss America 1927
Miss America 1927
Born (1911-03-14)March 14, 1911
Joliet, Illinois
Died January 23, 1985(1985-01-23) (aged 73)
Known for Miss America 1927. One of the most famous models appearing in the Gerlach Barklow Co. art calendars

Lois Eleanor Delander (February 14, 1911 – January 23, 1985) was Miss America in 1927.

Delander, a native of Joliet, Illinois and high school junior, aged 16, won the crown on her parents' twentieth wedding anniversary. The pageant was not held again until 1932. She died near Chicago in 1985.[1]

She was one of the most famous models appearing in the Gerlach Barklow Co. art calendars.[2] A pastel of Lois Delander wearing a white bathing suit was artist Adelaide Hiebel's most famous work.[3]

She married Ralph Lang, a stockbroker, and lived in Evanston, Illinois with her three daughters.[4]


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