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Lois Maffeo
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Lois Maffeo (professionally known for much of her career as Lois) is an American musician[1] and writer who lives in Olympia, Washington. She has been closely involved with and influenced many independent musicians, especially in the 1990s-era Olympia, Seattle and Washington, D.C. music scenes.[2]

Early life[edit]

Maffeo was raised in Phoenix, Arizona, and graduated in 1981 from Xavier College Preparatory, an all-female private Catholic high school.[3] She moved to Olympia, Washington to attend The Evergreen State College.[3]


As Lois Maffeo[4][edit]

compilations and other collaborations/appearances
  • [Untitled a cappella track], Dangerous Business International cassette, 1985, K Records
  • "My Head Hurts" (with The Go Team), Archer Come Sparrow cassette, 1988/1989, K Records
  • "Cup to the Wall" (with Satisfact), Life Abroad 7-inch single, 1996, K Records
  • "Thick with the Paint Swaying" (with Red Stars Theory), But Sleep Came Slowly, 1997, Rx. Remedy
  • "Cat Fight" (with Georgia Hubley), 2 Days in the Valley OST, 1997, Edel
  • "Switch Shower Go!", Go! Olympia cassette, 1997, Yoyo Recordings
  • "A Sailor's Warning" (with Red Stars Theory), Life in a Bubble Can Be Beautiful, 1999, Touch & Go Records
  • "Pathways" (with The Evil Tambourines), Library Nation, 1999, Sub Pop
  • "On Mars And Venus" (with The Evil Tambourines), Library Nation, 1999, Sub Pop
  • "Shame The Bells", Projector: Another Studio Compilation, 1999, Yoyo Recordings
  • "Hope" (with Internal/External), Featuring..., 2000, K Records
  • "The Same As Being in Love" (with Harvey Danger), King James Version, 2000, Sire
  • "Spray on the Fixative" (with Mark Robinson), Origami And Urbanism, 2003, Tomlab

With Cradle Robbers (with Rebecca Gates of the Spinanes)[5][edit]

  • "Sotto Voce", Red Hot + Bothered/Indie Rock Guide To Dating, 1995, Kinetic/Reprise

With Lumihoops[6][edit]

  • "Roman Holiday", Throw: The Yoyo Studio Compilation, 1992, Yoyo Recordings

With Courtney Love (the band)[7][edit]

singles and EPs
  • Uncrushworthy 7-inch EP, 1990, K Records
  • Highlights 7-inch EP, 1991, K Records
  • Hey! Antoinette 7-inch EP, 1991, Feel Good All Over

As Lois[8][edit]

  • Lowrider cassette, 1994, Slabco
  • Butter Yellow: A Lois Collection, 1996, Rebel Beat Factory
Singles and EPs
Appearances, Split singles/EPs, and other collaborations

With Tommy[9][edit]

  • "Go Sonics", Selector Dub Narcotic, 1998, K Records

With The Tentacles[10][edit]

singles and EPs

With Owl & The Pussycat[11][edit]



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