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Lok or LOK may refer to:



Surname Lok (English origin)[edit]

  • Anne Locke, Lock or Lok (1530–after 1590), English poet, translator and Calvinist
  • Henry Lok (1553?-1608?), English poet, grandson of William Lok
  • John Lok, English sea captain, son of William Lok
  • Michael Lok, (c.1532–c.1621), English merchant and traveller, principal backer of Sir Martin Frobisher's voyages in search of the Northwest passage, son of William Lok
  • Rose Lok (1526–1613), English Protestant exile during the Tudor period who wrote an account of her early life, daughter of William Lok
  • William Lok (1480–1550), a gentleman usher to King Henry VIII, mercer, alderman and sheriff of London

Surname Lok (Chinese origin 駱)[edit]

Surname Lok (Other origins)[edit]

  • Cees Lok (born 1966), Dutch former footballer
  • Darren Lok (born 1990), Malaysian-English footballer

Fictional characters[edit]