Lok Ma Chau Control Point

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This article is about the vehicle border crossing in the area. For the pedestrian border crossing and MTR station in the area, see Lok Ma Chau Station.
Lok Ma Chau Control Point
Hong Kong-side counters in Lok Ma Chau Control Point

Lok Ma Chau Control Point (Chinese: 落馬洲管制站) is an immigration control point in Lok Ma Chau, Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong, which is on the border between Hong Kong and mainland China.[1] It started providing 24-hour clearance in January 2003, and is still the only control point to do so.[2] Its counterpart is the Huanggang Port in mainland China.

Before reaching this point, vehicles must pass through police checkpoints along road to Lok Ma Chau Control Point. Permits must be carried in order to pass these points and to travel to the control points.


Franchised bus routes[edit]

  • KMB 76K, 276B, B1, N76, N277

Non-franchised bus routes[edit]

Green minibus routes[edit]

  • NT 44B, 44B1, 75, 78, 79S, 605, 616S

Red minibus routes[edit]


  • NT Taxis
  • Urban Taxis


Coordinates: 22°30′34″N 114°04′26″E / 22.50944°N 114.07399°E / 22.50944; 114.07399