Joo Koon

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Joo Koon
Name transcription(s)
 • Chinese 裕群
 • Pinyin Yùqún
 • Hokkien POJ Jū-kûn
 • Malay Joo Koon
 • Tamil ஜூ கூன்
Country Singapore

Joo Koon is an industrial estate in Jurong of the West Region of Singapore. Joo Koon is served by the Joo Koon MRT Station, which is the current western terminus of the East West MRT Line until it is replaced by Tuas Link MRT Station of the Tuas West Extension in the later part of 2017. East of Joo Koon is Lok Yang and South is Gul. Joo Koon consists mostly of factories.

It is bounded by Upper Jurong Road, the Pan Island Expressway, Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim and Benoi Road.

Amenities and landmarks[edit]

Surrounding Joo Koon industrial town are Pasir Laba Camp, SISPEC, SAFTI, Jurong Camp, Singapore Discovery Centre and Arena Country Club.

There is a food centre located along Joo Koon Way. In addition, there is also a NTUC FairPrice Warehouse Club, office units all comes under one roof at FairPrice Hub Joo Koon, which is the town hub.


There is a dormitory called Jurong Apartments located near Joo Koon MRT Station.


Joo Koon MRT Station is located on Joo Koon Circle in the eastern side of the industrial estate. There is also the air-conditioned Joo Koon Bus Interchange opened in 2015, located at the ground level of the FairPrice Hub along Benoi Road and it is directly linked to the MRT Station. Bus services at the interchange mainly serves the Jurong Industrial Estate with the exception of Service 99 which goes to Clementi. Other bus services which passes by the vicinity but do not call at the interchange are Service 192 which passes by Upper Jurong Road, Service 193 which passes by International Road and Benoi Road and Service 252 passes along Joo Koon Circle, all of which originates from Boon Lay Bus Interchange. Joo Koon Bus Interchange, together with the MRT Station, forms the Joo Koon Integrated Transport Hub (ITH).

Neighbouring areas[edit]