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Loki is the god of mischief in Norse mythology.

LOKI refers to a family of cryptographic block ciphers.

Loki may also refer to:


  • Loki (C++), a C++ software library developed by Andrei Alexandrescu that makes extensive use of templates to increase the flexibility of implemented classes
  • Loki (computer), a home computer proposed within Sinclair Research but never developed
  • Loki Software, a software firm that ported several Windows computer games to Linux

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Video games[edit]


  • Debreceni VSC The clubs' nickname is Loki (Lokomotiv), from its long-standing ties to the railways


  • Loki (rapper), stage name of Darren McGarvey
  • A pseudonym of British mathematician and biostatistician Karl Pearson
  • Loki Schmidt, the wife of German ex-Chancellor Helmut Schmidt
  • Loki7, the alias of Roger Charles Bell, a pipe-bomber and former educator from Prince Edward Island, Canada

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