Lokka Reservoir

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Lokka Reservoir
Lokka Reservoir is located in Finland
Lokka Reservoir
Lokka Reservoir
Lokan tekojärvi.png
Location of the lake in Finland
Coordinates67°49′12″N 27°45′00″E / 67.82000°N 27.75000°E / 67.82000; 27.75000Coordinates: 67°49′12″N 27°45′00″E / 67.82000°N 27.75000°E / 67.82000; 27.75000
Primary inflowsLuiro
Primary outflowsLuiro
Basin countriesFinland
Surface area216–418 km2 (83–161 sq mi)
Surface elevation240–245 m (787–804 ft)

The Lokka Reservoir (in Finnish: Lokan tekojärvi, Lokan allas, short form Lokka), is a reservoir, upstream of the Luiro River in Sodankylä, in northern Finland. Depending on the water level, its area ranges from 216 to 418 km². The corresponding water levels above mean sea level are 240–245 meters. The filling of the reservoir Lokka began in 1967, and with this reservoir, the amount of water coming to the power plants in Kemijoki could be regulated. Lokka has also been famous for its rich fish population. There are also populations of white-tailed eagles at the reservoir. These do not migrate south for the winter, instead they stay at Lokka to feed on fish left by local fishermen.

Lokka is connected to the Porttipahta Reservoir through the Vuotso Canal.