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Lokomotiv (Russian: Локомотив; English: Locomotive) is the Russian sports club and a member of the International Railway Sports Association.[1]


Established in 1999, Locomotive traces its history to the All-Union Voluntary Sports Society of rail transport workers' Trade Unions, one of the first sports societies of workers of the USSR. Established in 1936, it united workers of rail transport, transport construction and metro. The origin of the society dates back to 1923, when October Revolution Club was created, uniting football players of Moscow railways. In 1987 the Soviet society Lokomotiv was merged with number of other Trade Union sports societies into a single sports society.

In 1972 the society had some 7,000 physical culture collectives (more than 1.3 million athletes) and cultivated more than 40 sports. In January 1973 VSS Lokomotiv possessed 247 stadiums, some 500 sports halls, 260 skiing camps, 127 shooting ranges, 36 swimming pools, some 6,000 sports grounds and football grounds

Since 1992, i.e. after the break-up of the USSR, Lokomotiv became an association of Trade Unions' voluntary sports societies of rail transport workers of the Commonwealth of Independent States.[citation needed]

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