Lokomotiv Stadium (Mezdra)

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Lokomotiv Stadium
Full name Lokomotiv Mezdra Stadium
Location Mezdra, Bulgaria
Coordinates 43°8′20″N 23°42′45″E / 43.13889°N 23.71250°E / 43.13889; 23.71250
Operator PFC Lokomotiv Mezdra
Capacity 5,000
Field size 100 X 65
Surface Grass
Built 1946
Opened 1946
Renovated 2007
Lokomotiv Mezdra (1946-present)

Lokomotiv Stadium (Bulgarian: Стадион „Локомотив“) is a multi-purpose stadium in Mezdra, Bulgaria. It is currently used for football matches and it is the home of PFC Lokomotiv Mezdra. The stadium has a capacity of 5,000 spectators and it was built in 1946.

  • In 2007, when the football club was bought by NADIN AD, several renovations were made to the stadium, to meet the BFL's requirements.
  • There were also plans for a new stadium[1] in place of the current, but due to the global financial crisis, the project's realization is currently on hold.