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Lola & Virginia
Created by Myriam Ballesteros
Developed by Myriam Ballesteros
Written by Gaëlle Baron
Txema Ocio
Directed by Myriam Ballesteros
Starring Yolanda Mateos
Ana Esther Alborg
Amparo Bravo
Carmen Cervantes
Jorge Saudinos
Ricardo Escobar
Adolfo Moreno
Inés Blázquez
Vicky Angulo
Sara Vivas
Composer(s) John Gladstone Smith
Country of origin Spain
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 26 (52 in 15 minutes)
Producer(s) Roch Lener
Sergi Reitg
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Imira Entertainment
Original channel Nickelodeon South East Asia
Pop Girl
Animania HD
Original release March 14, 2006 – 2007
Related shows Sandra the Fairytale Detective
Lucky Fred
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Lola & Virginia is a Spanish animated television series released in 2006 by Imira Entertainment. It is currently broadcast on several European channels, Disney Channel Spain & Italy, France 3, Pop Girl, POP!, ¡Sorpresa!, and Animania HD. In Brazil the show is also aired on SBT. Nickelodeon South East Asia had stopped broadcast of the mentioned show although it was one of the original channels. In the Netherlands the show aired from 2008-2009 on Nickelodeon. On September 9, 2014 Lola & Virginia series was headed to Hulu.


Lola is a normal girl whose life is below average. But as if that weren't enough, along comes Virginia Toffen, a stuck-up, bratty, typical rich girl who gets her way all the time. The two eventually become enemies, always fighting to get what they want.


  1. The Onion Trick/Incognito
  2. I Saw it First/Ideal Boyfriend
  3. Beauty Treatment/Haunted House
  4. Good Food & Rock N' Roll/Planet girl
  5. Mayhem in the Snow/Bye, Doll
  6. Roller Coaster/Problem Pets
  7. Dream Team/Elder Brother
  8. Unhappy Birthday/Lola Fashion
  9. Magic Garden/The Secret Club
  10. A Moped for Two/Perfect Friendship
  11. Headline News/Pair of Aces
  12. A Shoulder to Cry on/Kinky Kindred
  13. Afraid of What?/Oh No, Not Her!
  14. Hugo in Love/Fan Club
  15. Blackmail/30 Minutes Flat
  16. On the Sidelines/I Survived 100 Days in San Lorenzo
  17. Good Morning San Lorenzo/Love Soap
  18. Frog Party/Tyranosaurus
  19. Carnival/Frozen Heart
  20. The Olympic Torch/Teacher's Pet
  21. Pyjama Party/San Lorenzo vs. Columbus
  22. Brushstrokes/The Uniform
  23. Dear Diary/The Lightning Man
  24. 21st Century Cinderella/Compulsive Buyer
  25. Dear Lola/A Boyfriend for Haide
  26. High Treason/Secret Love


Lola - The show's protagonist. She lives in a working-class family with one baby brother, one baby sister and her mother, and her enemy is Virginia. Her father is never shown. She mainly wears a long red baggy top which is identified as one of the cheapest clothes to wear in the episode "The Uniform" and she is short and chubby with short dark hair and also wears round purple glasses.

Virginia - The show's antagonist. Virginia suffers from a symptom where she thinks she is the center of the universe, as revealed in the episode "The Uniform". Her enemy is Lola, and she is used to hanging out with a girl named Beatrice and formerly Leticia. She is a rich, bratty girl, always giving her parents a hard time and usually getting what she wants. She is tall and thin with long blonde hair and is usually seen wearing a black leather coat, jeans and black and silver sunglasses.

Poppy - One of Lola's best friends, she wears a pinkish-purple top with a skull on it and she is also seen together with Lola. She is a tomboy.

Haide - Originally from Cuba Another of Lola's friends, she is usually seen with Lola and helping her with problems, along with Poppy. She and Poppy are sometimes involved in trying to reveal Virginia's plan.

Agi and Yukio - The twin geniuses at San Lorenzo High. They are often seen creating robots and other gadgets. They have usually been together, even in trips to the Amazon rainforest or the Gobi desert.

Beatrice - One of Virginia's friends, or so she thinks. She is always seen with Virginia and helping her with her plots and schemes to embarrass Lola. She is also briefly seen helping Lola (but only to get Virginia's friendship back).

Charley - A student from San Lorenzo High. Charley hangs out with Lucas and Chuck and loves skateboarding. Lola and Virginia have crushes on him, often fighting to get him.

Lucas - The sneak. His closest friends are Charley and Chuck. He was also paid by Virginia in one episode to impersonate Marco Amore and make Lola sad, but Lola found out about Virginia's scheme and got him to dress up as Marco and take Lola home, and ends with the "Marco" cake that Lola made thrown at his face.

Chuck - One of Lola's classmates, his best friends are Charley and Lucas. Haide used to have a crush on him and Lola used to date him, a revealed secret which nearly broke Lola and Haide's friendship.

Suzie - One of Lola's classmates. She has an older brother, who Lola and Virginia formerly had crushes on. She is seen hanging out with Lola and some of her other classmates.

Marco - Marco is a boy at Lola's school. He is a bit quiet. He has blond hair and wears a red shirt. He is not to be confused with Marco Amore.

Hugo - One of the students from San Lorenzo High, Hugo is the school's most talented dancer, even being the star of one of Marco Amore's music videos. He loves food and formerly dated Virginia.

Marco Amore - The hit singer from San Lorenzo, Marco has many adoring fans, including Lola, Virginia and the rest of Lola's class. Lola loves him so much, especially since she is the head of the Marco Amore fan club. His real name is John Johnson.

Leticia - Virginia's former friend. Their friendship broke apart in the episode "San Lorenzo vs. Columbus", where their friendship broke up due to Virginia winning the horse race, thanks to Lola angering Virginia. Virginia later says (as recorded by Haide on Lola's video camera) that she doesn't need Leticia.

Ana - Teacher of San Lorenzo High.

Gustavo Buliavez - he is the school's chef, and he used to teach Lola, her friends and Marco Amore music.

Live Action[edit]

Imira Entertainment, Spain's leading production and distribution company specialising in youth programming, is moving into the live action arena with a brand new live action version of animated hit series Lola & Virginia which is being co-produced with Brave Films. The show is produced in partnership and in joint ownership with RAI cinema, and is pre-sold to Nickelodeon for Spain, Portugal & Italy.

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