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Lola (born 1981 in Paris, France) is a Brooklyn, New York- female singer/songwriter. Raised in the Belleville District of Paris by hippie parents, Lola has also lived in Brazil and Los Angeles, California. Although her initial exposure was received via a house music remix of "No Strings," which had been on U.S. Dance chart for 5 months. her music (including the song in its original form and other tracks on her album Take It Like I Give It) spans rock, R&B, jazz, pop and hip-hop. Lola cites artists as diverse as Prince, Joni Mitchell, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Aretha Franklin as influences. She was signed to SoBe Entertainment.



Album Information
Take It Like I Give It
  • Current Status: shelved
    • 2005: "No Strings"
    • 2007: "I Can't Take It"
Nine to Five
  • Current Status: available on Myspace
    • 2009: "Nine to five"
    • 2009: "If it ain't broke"


Year Title Album Chart positions
U.S. Dance U.S. Dance Airplay U.S. R&B MW Pop MW Club
2005 "No Strings" Take It Like I Give It 2 6 82 1 31
2007 "I Can't Take It" 5[1]


It is Lola who first sang the song "Grapes on a Vine" performed by Betty Wright in her 2011 album. The song was on Lola's official site.


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