Lola Aylings

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Lola Aylings
Fate Ceased production
Predecessor Aylings
Founded Huntingdon, United Kingdom (2001 (2001))
Defunct 2007 (2007)
Headquarters Huntingdon, United Kingdom
Products Rowing boats
Parent Lola Group

Lola Aylings, was a manufacturer of rowing boats. It was formed in early 2001 when Lola Group (a racing car/composite engineering company) purchased Aylings (an existing boat manufacturer) and was based in Huntingdon, United Kingdom.

Aylings was founded in 1859, originally making rowing oars. It began producing boats in the 1980s (after buying Carbocraft) and kayaks in 1998 (after buying Kobra Kayaks)

The company moved from Weybridge to Huntingdon in 2003. It ceased production in 2007.

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