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Lola Panda (game character)
Developer(s) BeiZ Ltd.
Genre(s) Educational
Mode(s) Single player

Lola Panda is a trademarked game character, featuring in children's mobile games created by Finnish computer game developer BeiZ. Lola is an anthropomorphic panda who typically wears a pink short-sleeved shirt, knee length jeans, and sneakers. In some games, she uses other kinds of clothing, suitable for the situation, e.g. swimsuit for the beach. Lola Panda games are aimed at children between 3 and 8 years of age.


Lola Panda games have been primarily developed for mobile devices and they are available in multiple languages, including English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Norwegian, Russian, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Language selection varies between games and platforms. Lola Panda games reached one million downloads in August, 2012. At that time, the best selling game was Lola's Math Train.[1]

I Spy with Lola is a hidden object game where Lola visits locations in different parts of the world and the player's task is to find objects in the local setting. The game's three levels mainly differ in the kind of information that the player is given for finding the object: the name of the object and its picture (Easy), the starting letter of the object and a dimmed picture (Medium), or a description or riddle (Hard). Game location is selected by clicking or touching the location on a world map. I Spy with Lola received the Children's Technology Review Editor's Choice Award in January 2013.[2]

Lola's Math Train is a math game focusing on number recognition and simple arithmetic. Successfully completing the tasks is rewarded with cheering and the possibility to pick up an animal friend onto Lola's train.[3]

Lola's Alphabet Train[4] teaches children letters and spelling of easy words. Lola's Alphabet Train was the first Lola game to be localized into Swedish and other Scandinavian languages in 2012.[5]

Lola's Beach Puzzle, as a puzzle game, is aimed to develop a child's cognitive thinking and fine motor skills.[6]

Lola's Fruit Shop Sudoku is a simplified Sudoku game. Using fruit - instead of numbers - on the easy levels, it makes it easier for small children to practice logical thinking.[7]

Lola's Magic Cube is a mobile device version of a combination puzzle. The pieces can be arranged and rotated relatively freely, to keep the game easy enough for children.[8]


Lola Panda is created by the Finnish computer game developer BeiZ. BeiZ has offices in Tampere, Finland, and Beijing, China.


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