Lola T95/30

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Lola T95/30
Lola F1 Test Car.jpg
Category Formula One
Constructor Lola
Designer(s) Julian Cooper[1]
Chris Saunders[1]
Predecessor Lola T93/30
Successor Lola T97/30
Technical specifications
Engine Ford[2]
Tyres Goodyear
Competition history
Notable entrants Not entered
Notable drivers United Kingdom Allan McNish
Debut NA
Races Wins Poles F.Laps
Constructors' Championships NA
Drivers' Championships NA

The Lola T95/30 is a Formula One motor racing car which was tested by Allan McNish during 1994 and early 1995.[2][3] The car, however, was not raced during any Formula One races. The car was designed as a prototype ready for Lola's arrival in Formula One. Lola, instead of racing the car in the actual season, chose instead to test the car while a search to find a big-name sponsor was carried out as money inside the project dried up.[1][3] The T95/30 version could not be raced as it was made obsolete by regulation changes enforced by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), Formula One's governing body.[3]

The car was designed by Julian Cooper and Chris Saunders, who previously worked at Benetton and Williams respectively. The chassis was developed using the 40% scale windtunnel at Cranfield Institute.[1] The T95/30 car was eventually sold as a collectors item after being displayed at the 1997 Autosport show.[4]

The car was succeeded by the Lola T97/30, which the team used during their participation in the 1997 Formula One season.


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