Lolita Anime (Nikkatsu)

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Lolita Anime
(Rorita Anime)
Genre Hentai, Lolicon, Omorashi
Directed by Aki Uchiyama
Studio Nikkatsu Video
Released 15 December 1984 – 10 January 1985
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Lolita Anime (ロリータアニメ?) is a three episode hentai OVA released in 1984. It was released by Nikkatsu Video on the heels of Wonder Kids' Lolita Anime, the first hentai OVA. By releasing it in the same year and with the same title as Wonder Kids' seminal work, the creators may have hoped to cash in on the success of the original film. It is better known to English-speaking fans as the "other Lolita Anime".

The third episode, entitled "Uchiyama Aki no Omorashi Gokko", features an omorashi scene in which a girl has diapers put on her and is forced to use them. The girl in this episode features a passing resemblance to Miu of the Wonder Kids series.

The first two episodes were released 15 December 1984, while "Uchiyama Aki no Omorashi Gokko" was released 10 January 1985.

Episode listing[edit]

  1. Uchiyama Aki no Obyuki Aki-chan (内山亜紀のおビョーキ亜紀ちゃん?)
  2. Uchiyama Aki no Milk Nomi Ningyo (内山亜紀のミルクのみ人形?)
  3. Uchiyama Aki no Omorashi Gokko (内山亜紀のおもらしゴッコ?)