Lom Stave Church

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Lom Stave Church

Lom Stave Church (Norwegian: Lom stavkyrkje) is a stave church situated in Lom municipality in the Gudbrandsdal district of Norway. The church is a triple nave stave church that uses free standing inner columns to support a raised section in the ceiling of the main nave. This type of church is amongst the oldest Stave Churches. The church was first situated in a sub valley to the valley Gudbrandsdal in Oppland County, some 60 kilometers (37 mi) west of Otta.

Lom Stave Church

The church dates to approximately second part of 12th century, but was rebuilt into a cruciform church during the 17th century. The chancel was decorated in 1608, and the nave was enlarged towards west in 1634. The cross section was added in 1663, but this was made in stave like frame work. A complete restoration also took place in 1933, and a smaller one in 1973. This stave church is actually one of just a very few stave churches of which the original medieval crest with a dragon head still survives.

Detail of the roof. Note the stairway

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Coordinates: 61°50′23″N 8°33′58″E / 61.83972°N 8.56611°E / 61.83972; 8.56611