Lomax (band)

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Origin London, England
Genres Alternative rock
Years active 2002–2004
Labels 93 Records
Members Paul Epworth
Jon Meade
Rob Schultzberg

Lomax was a rock band from London, England.

The band released three singles and an album on the London-based independent record label, 93 Records.

Nowadays, Epworth works predominantly as a record producer, though enjoys working as a DJ. Meade is working on a solo entity, entitled The Sex Act, with a single "Builders of Men/Modern Dance" released on Destructible Records. Schultzberg is also working on solo material.



  • A Symbol Of Modern Living
    • Release date: 10 Nov. 2003
    • Produced by Lomax
    • CD (93CD02), LP (93LP02):
      1. "The Bodies Of Journalists"
      2. "Brought To Rights"
      3. "Arnstein’s Ladder"
      4. "When The Pressure’s On"
      5. "Anglicized"
      6. "Modern Life"
      7. "Knuckleheads"
      8. "Principles"
      9. "An End"
      10. "Reiterator"


  • "Anglicized" / "Last Meal For Jeff" (December 2002)
  • "An End" / "Brought To Rights"
  • "Modern Life" (October 2003)
  • "Reiterator" (Phones Mix) - promo only


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